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Chief Librarian

From the Chief Librarian‘s Desk



A Library is a critical part of any higher education institution. Libraries play an ever increasing role in providing vital information resources to their clients amidst facing mounting challenges brought about by changes happening in the organizations and higher education worldwide, advancement in the ICT world that bring about new modes of information storage, assessing and dissemination, changes in learning environment, increasing student internationalization, new mode of research and many more. With the current scenario of emphasizing outcome-based in higher education, librarians need to restrategize their roles to support teaching, learning and research activities. All these put increasing demand on them to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Librarians need to keep abreast with changes and to be pro-active, innovative and be able to work closely with the organization so as to be able to serve the community efficiently and effectively. They must add values to their libraries and services they provide and to show their importance to the organizations. They must be able to show positive returns to the investments made on them. Most important of all is the communication part, how do librarians communicate clearly the value of their services? How do librarians ensure that the services they provide fulfill what their clients’ want and not what they think their clients need?

I hope that this website is useful to our clients seeking information. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our officers if you have any query about our facilities and services.


Kind regards,

Margaret Simeng

 Chief Librarian