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Rules and Regulations

To safeguard the interest of all, members are reminded that the following are observed at all times :

  • Users are requested to cooperate with the staff to create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the Centre
  • Users are requested to be properly attired at all times.
  • Users are required to show all books and other items for inspection at the exit.
  • Users are required to show their cards whenever they want to check out materials or use CAIS services. Any material to be taken out of the Centre must be checked-out accordingly. All checked-out materials are to be returned before or on the stipulated time/date.

Fines are charged for overdue items.

  • Open Shelf Collection: 20 sen/day
  • Serial collection: 40 sen/day
  • Media collection: 20 sen/day
  • Red Spot Collection: 20 sen/hour
  • Theses and dissertations: 20 sen/hour

For lost item the borrower will be charged twice the original price of the item or a replacement of the item be made.

For an item that was received as gift, the borrower is required to replace the item with similar title. However if the item is out of print, the borrower will be charged based on the total number of pages i.e. RM0.20 per page for local publication and RM0.40 per page for foreign publication. An additional RM50.00 processing fee and RM10.00 fine will also be imposed.

Anyone caught defacing/tearing pages out of any material (book/journal/media) shall be required to pay twice the original price of the material. Anyone caught trying to smuggle out any material (book/journal/media) shall be suspended membership for one (1) semester. Their names will also be submitted to the University's Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action.

Anyone caught using mobile phone in the Centre shall be suspended membership for one (1) month.

Fines for overdue/lost books

  • Ten (10) days before a book is due, a courtesy reminder will be emailed to the borrower.
  • Three (3) overdue reminders will be respectively emailed on the first(1), second (2) and third (3) days overdue.

  • One (1) week after the overdue date of a book, a fourth reminder will be sent. 
  • If no response is received from the borrower, another reminder will be sent one (1) week thereafter.

  • If there is still no response from the borrower two (2) weeks after the sixth reminder, the book is considered lost. 
  • The borrower is required to replace the book with a similar title or pay twice the original price of the book.

  • No refund will be made once payment has been effected.



Illegally copying and distributing of any registered materials are prohibited and users who are found doing the wrongful act are infringing the Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332). The Centre shall not be responsible for any dispute that may arise from the wrongful conduct committed by user


Eating anf drinking

Food may onlybe consumed in the designated places such as the Food Kiosk, Student Lounge and Social Hub.

  • User who are caught eating/dringking in areas others than mentioned above will be asked to leave CAIS &his/her name will be recorded for futher action.
  • refreshments are permitted in the Discussion Rooms only when pre-order for formal events subjected to approval by the Centre.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks are acceptable in the public area of CAIS building, and should be consumed in non-spill containers such as mugs with lids, or in bottlr
  • Alcoholic drinks are not permitted anywhere in the Centre.
  • Users are advised to throw their rubbish into the bins provided.


Cell Phones/Hand phone

All cell phones usage in CAIS should be kept in minimum. If you must be on call, set your ring tone at the lowest level. Please respect others by keeping conversation at low levels. If it is necessary to use a cell phone while you are in CAIS, choose one of the following locations:

  • The main lobby
  • Public spaces away from quiet study areas
  • Free Ringng Zone

However, maintenance personnel may use cell phone in all areas as needed.



To ensure the security and safety of the collections and the patrons, CAIS installed CCTV in every strategic location within the building. The CCTV is directly connected to the University's Security Department for surveillance.