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Online Databases


Terms of Use for Online Databases Use of the online databases provided by Unimas is governed by license agreements and is in accordance with the Copyright Act 1987 (Amendment 2002).

These agreements require Unimas to give access only to authorized users (CAIS patrons - Internal and external members of CAIS). Certain obligations are placed on users on the use of these resources and among these are the followings:

1. To search, view, retrieve and display licensed data

2. To save or print limited amounts or parts of the data for personal research use

3. Uses allowed under copyright (may be further restricted by license terms)

4. To use the information contained in these products for personal, noncommercial purposes only

5. To refrain from redistribution of data to unauthorized users, e.g. via e-mail, a web site, or a database

6. To refrain from republication of the resource or the data

7. To refrain from automated or excessive data crawling within resources

8. To refrain from automated or systematic downloading, mining, or harvesting of data

9. To refrain form removing or altering a copyright holder's information

As you use these resources, please keep the above obligations in mind. If you fail to adhere to them, you may lose your network privileges and face other disciplinary action. Severe breaches of the license terms can result in the entire university losing access to important online resources. Unimas will not be held responsible for any infringements on the users part. Please refer to CAIS ICT Policy, code ICTcais001 on Acceptable Use of CAIS Electronic Resources.