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CAIS User Satisfaction Survey 2008



The Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was established in early 1993 and started its operation in the new building on 6 February 2006. The Centre offers a variety of services and facilities which were specially designed to embody the essence of Knowledge, Imagination and Possibility.


A user survey was undertaken in September 2008 to obtain feedback from users in 3 key areas: facilities, services and collections. The final sample comprised 1800 users randomly selected from various user levels within the network and residential colleges in the campus. Nine hundred twenty nine questionnaires representing 51.6 percent were completed and returned.


The objectives of the survey are to investigate whether users use the centre’s facilities and for what purpose, whether users are aware of and use the services offered by the centre, and whether users are aware of the collections offered by the centre.


Findings show that a majority of the users visit the centre occasionally. The print collection is still most popularly used by the users. The most prominent problem faced by users is the awareness of user education classes provided. The users also reported that they use the centre mostly as a place for study and doing their research. As expected the users reported a higher usage of the Self Check machines and the Book Drop to return books and also a highest compliment for the helpful and friendly staffs. Users have also recorded satisfaction with the various services provided by the centre. This survey gives the centre much leverage to develop its collection, services and facilities to meet the needs of its users.

Measurement Level of Satisfaction

User’s satisfactory levels are evaluated based on facilities, services and collections of the centre. All data are rated on the following scales, “Very Poor/Never”, “Poor/Seldom”, “Average/Occasionally”, “Good/Often”, and “Very Good/Always”.

All the findings are represented in the charts :


CAIS User Satisfaction Survey



Comments of Respondents




“Its good to have CAIS in UNIMAS. Keep up the good work guys.”


“Still need to improve in services. Please smile”.


“Good enough. Hopefully book collection can increase over the years. Now we final year students depend so much on the interlibrary loan coz the books/journals not available here.”


CAIS is a suitable place for me to study. Its reminder of the due date of the books for user is good.”


“Overall, service are good.”


“Good and hope that CAIS will continue to offer better service in the future.”


“Thumbs up…the staffs are great but some book that listed in the Web Opac cant be find. I think the staff should be aware of this. Thanks.”


“Very good services.”


“It is a good place to search for information due to its location that is too far from my college. I would say I rarely go there and will only go if I really need of finding information for my assignment.”


“Generally I'm satisfied with the service in CAIS and hope that if can be better years by years.”


Comments and Responses


1) “Web OPAC is not functioning well. It does not notify the borrower three days before the expiry date of the books borrowed.”


Response from CAIS:

The courtesy email will be automatically sent 3 days before the expiry date of any material checked out and the 2nd email will be sent a week after the expiry date. Users are required to provide a correct email address to CAIS. This can be done through the “My Account” function in the Web OPAC.


2) Please supply more story books for light reading.”

Response from CAIS:

We will acquire more light reading materials this year (2009) book budget. We encourage all students to make reading as a habit.


3) Wireless service everywhere in CAIS. Hot drink allowed or provided because too cold if stay long in CAIS.”

Response from CAIS:

Most areas in CAIS are on wireless however students are required to register for the service via the Anjung UNIMAS Portal.

 Good news! We will soon allocate an area within CAIS where users can eat and drink. The proposed place is near the Auditorium. We will broadcast this once the room is ready.


4) I think CAIS should improve the internet access service base on there are many ports cannot use and the access speed is extremely low.”

Response from CAIS:

CICTS handles the network service for the whole of UNIMAS. We are working very closely with CICTS on the Internet access, network speed, etc. for CAIS users.


5) Increase the number of self-check machine as there is always malfunctions on the only 2 self-check machines available. Very difficult for students who want to borrow the books when the counter closed at 6.00-7.30 pm.”

Response from CAIS:

We will acquire additional self-check machines if budget permits and that will be for 2010. We are monitoring the 2 existing machines so as to function well. For normal hours users can check out books at the loan counter if there is a long queue at the self-check machines.


6) A Music room, fiction and nonfiction storybooks more online full text journals, support system like endnotes.

Response from CAIS:

We have a Media Room where students can listen to music using head phones but we do not have a separate music room. However students can request to listen to music (audio) at certain areas in the Media Room.

We have acquired Endnotes early this year 2009 and we are still waiting for the training on Endnotes from the supplier. CAIS will order more fictions or storybooks to add to the collection. Users are welcome to suggest titles of books and journals book through “Suggest a purchase” function available at Web OPAC. Alternatively students can suggest to their lecturers to make formal request for journal or book titles to CAIS.


7) How about enlarging reference collection on Sarawak Literature in English?”

Response from CAIS:

We will look into it and get the relevant titles on Sarawak literature.


8) Please don’t say printing ‘it’s out of ink’.”

Response from CAIS:

We apologize for this inconvenience. We will make sure it will not happen again to the printers at the loan counter.


9) ATM machine at 24 jam room”

Response from CAIS:

ATMs are under the jurisdiction of the top management. At the moment there’s no plan to put an ATM machine at CAIS.


10) A rest room where students can relax their mind after hard work and reading.”

Response from CAIS:

We will allocate a students’ lounge near the Auditorium for students to relax as well as having food and drinks. We will also have some facilities for students to relax and release their stress at 2 “chill out rooms” located at level 1. We will broadcast this facility once they are ready.


11) “Provide more photocopy machine.”

Response from CAIS:

Photocopy machines at CAIS are provided by the UNIMAS co-op. We have requested for additional machines and are still waiting for their response.


12) “Café, maybe just near CAIS because the nearest places where we can buy some food are quite far from CAIS.”

Response from CAIS:

The top management has agreed to put vending machines as well as food kiosk at various locations in UNIMAS including CAIS. These should be ready before the next semester.


13) “Allow us to borrow books during the semester break holidays. Please provide Chinese newspaper since Mandarin course is offered in UNIMAS now.”

Response from CAIS:

We’ll look into these matters. We will soon subscribe to a few Chinese language newspapers based on the advice from the Centre for Language Studies.


14) Please repair some of the lamps that had broken. Please use inflorescent lamp rather than yellow light at the 1st floor. Please repair some of the LAN plug.”

Response from CAIS:

Yes we have replaced all the faulty bulbs and we hope the reading area is bright enough for reading. We do regular checking for LAN plugs.


15) Allow students to bring bag inside. It is so inconvenient for us to leave our stuff at the pigeon hole. And laptops which are inside bags which are not considered traditional laptops bags have to be carried inside by hand.”

Response from CAIS:

As of March 2009, students are allowed to bring in bags and mineral water into the building. Please help us take care of the cleanliness at all floors.


16) 24 hour study room for lot 77. Photocopy machine. Faster internet speed.”

Response from CAIS:

We will survey a suitable area for students at Lot 77 to accommodate the needs. A photocopy machine is already available at the Medical library. We will work closely with CICTS to look into the internet speed at Lot 77.

17) Please subscribe the latest & more outstanding economic journals such as American Economic Journals, Land Economic etc as well as relevant economic publication such as Bank Negara Annual Report Statistical Yearbook.”

Response from CAIS :

We will check subscriptions for American Economic Journals and Land Economics. As for Bank Negara reports CAIS has Monthly statistical bulletin (call no. HC445.5 B933, Level 1 (Reference) and Quarterly bulletin (call no. HG3300.6 A8 B218, Level 1 (Reference). We also have Bank Negara annual report (call no. HC445.5 A1 B218, LG Floor) in the collection.

18) “The position of the books is not the same as what it stated. Very hard to find the books that I want to borrow.”

Response from CAIS:

We have placed labels at the shelves to ease searching of books. We hope users especially students will search the titles at the Web OPAC and note down the call number and location of books. If you face problems to get those books please do not hesitate to check at the Reference Counter or ask any staff on duty.

Please leave the books on the table or on the trolley provided after you have finished using them.