IBM SPSS Statistics Software

IBM SPSS (Statistical Package For The Social Sciences) Statistics is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment. With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.

SPSS is software that has spreadsheet-type data entry window, statistical capabilities, and graphics (graph generation ability). UNIMAS has a site license agreement for IBM SPSS that includes the base, regression models, and advanced models modules.  Licenses are for the Windows operating system only.

SPSS Availability

 Faculty and staff in UNIMAS may access SPSS through: computers in the labs, workstations, notebook that is owned by UNIMAS. Students in UNIMAS may access SPSS through: computers in the labs.

 Installations of SPSS (UNIMAS licensed version) are not allowed on personal desktops and notebooks of staff and students without the authorization of CALM (UNIMAS). Request for personal installation can be made by filling in the license application form . Requests are only valid for staff and students of UNIMAS. The form is only required if you are a staff or student of UNIMAS requesting to install a personal copy of SPSS (base) on their personal computer (desktop or notebook), which is not connected to the UNIMAS network (Site Licensing Method). If you are using the Network Licensing Method, you do not have to fill the form.

The current version of SPSS being distributed in UNIMAS is SPSS 21 for Windows. 

For SPSS base, UNIMAS has an unlimited network license agreement, which allows all staff and students of UNIMAS to use SPSS on any computers owned by UNIMAS. For SPSS Advance Modules; Regression Models, Categories and Trends, UNIMAS has a 50 user network license agreement. Distribution of these 50 licenses is as follows:

Faculty Distributed License
Faculty of Resource Science and Technology  1
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology  3
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences  2
 Faculty of Science Cognitive and Human Development  2
 Center for Applied Learning And Multimedia


Application Of NEw License (SPSS Advance Modules only)
Users may apply for additional license based on a needed basis. Users can fill in the license application formand send to:
Wilhlimina Desmond
Center For Applied Learning and Mutlimedia (CALM)
Level 2, Faculty of Computer Sicience and Information Technology
University Malaysia Sarawak
**All requests to use SPSS Advance Modules more than the allocated licenses (refer table above) must fill the form.
By sending in the application e-form, all users automatically agree to the following license agreement:
License Terms
License Terms
a. The user's use of the specified software is governed by the license agreement between software developer (SPSS) and UNIMAS;
b. The specified software is the copyrighted property of software developer (SPSS) and contains trade secrets of the developer. The user shall not access the specified software source code by reverse engineering, decompiling or any other means;
c. The user will not modify the specified software;
d. Title to the specified software remains with the software developer at all times;
e. The user's license is non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable;
f. The user will install authorized software products on authorized (UNIMAS) hardware and operating systems only;
g. The user will use the specified software for UNIMAS approved projects only and will not use it for any commercial or profit-making purposes whatsoever;
h. The user will not permit copying or access to the specified software by any non-University party and any duplicated media the user receives from the University is the property of the University;
i. The user agrees to return the specified software to the University and destroy any copies of the specified software if no longer an employee of the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak or if UNIMAS discontinues the specified software license.

Installation of IBM SPSS for Windows
Network Licensing
Network installation