E-Learning UNIMAS

The E-Learning Unit in the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was formed in February 2002, with the task of spearheading UNIMAS initiative in the area of e-Learning. UNIMAS sees E-Learning as a support system to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the university in the effort to breed the best of scholarship.

UNIMAS philosophy in using E-Learning is not to replace the lecturer but rather to enhance and improve the teaching-learning experience of both the lecturer and the student. The university also holds on to the blended learning policy. In blended learning, learning solution is created through a mixture of face-to-face and online learning so that the online component becomes a natural extension of the face-to-face learning. Lecturers are expected to give a well-structure introductory lesson in the lecture room and then to provide follow-up materials online. In order to facilitate this, UNIMAS practices a form of e-Learning which combines the use of audio-visual technology in the physical lecture rooms and the use of online learning system that is accessible by authorised users via the campus network.

The Unit has also initiated the use of an online learning management system (LMS), known as Morpheus, to allow the use of the Internet to facilitate the teaching of a course. This system provides full authority to lecturers of the university to manage and conduct online activities that would enhance the students


About the Course

In the 21st century, learners are expected to utilise information and communication technology (ICT) tools to access uo-to-date resources and perform essential computing tasks. This course is tailored to equip learners with the current ICT knowledge and skills in further enhancing their competency. Through this, they are able to apply relevant tools and use them effectively for learning purposes. students are able to accesss the available videos and documents and exercise for the course content with week-by-week scheduling.



OpenCourseWare@UNIMAS is a collection of quality digital learning materials based on existing courses offered at the university. The learning materials are structured in a course format which includes lecture notes and/ or powerpoint slides. As a member of the Open Education Consortium, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS,http://www.unimas.my) pledges to publish digital learning materials based on UNIMAS academic courses, and these online courses are offered for free to users around the world. UNIMAS hopes to contribute towards the enhancement of quality of higher education through a selection of online courses.

UNIMAS is a Malaysian public university offering academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university is committed to enhancing the teaching and learning environment in order to provide a meaningful and enriching learning experiences for students. In pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, UNIMAS continously looks for ways to leverage on technological innovations for further improving the quality of teaching and learning while simultaneously sharing its courses and materials with fellow academics and students within and outside Malaysia. In tandem with the Ministry of Education, UNIMAS at present encourages its academic staff to participate in OpenCourseWare@UNIMAS.

At this initial stage UNIMAS supports OCW by offering regular professional development programmes for its staff and provides some developmental support in the preparation of OCW course materials. More support mechanisms are expected to be put in place to enhance UNIMAS involvement in OCW in the future.