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Foreword from the Director

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It is with great pleasure I introduce CTTC and its vast range of expertise and services. I strongly believe that every university in Malaysia should contribute and play active roles in nation building, both economic and human development. UNIMAS is no exception. Hence CTTC was formed to provide the link between UNIMAS and the public and industrial sectors. This link is of utmost importance in ensuring the social responsibility of UNIMAS is fulfilled. Currently, we have more than 600 experts in various fields, including the fields of environmental impact assessments, engineering and manufacturing, technical advisory, research and product developments, medical, business plans, human resources, and socio-economics, to name a few. All these expertise and technical know-how are made available to all through the CTTC gateway. Clients/the public should be able to obtain all information on UNIMAS expertise and facilities at the one-stop counter at CTTC.
This is the least we can promise you. To date, CTTC has successfully completed more than 500 projects. Our extensive expertise coupled with our experience makes us the ideal choice for your consultancy needs. We aim to continue to provide quality services to our clients, and assist their businesses to grow sustainably. I strongly believe in our ability to deliver. We will be most happy to provide you with further information.
Help us to prosper you and our nation.
Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Lau Seng
Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak