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Services for Business

CTTC has positioned itself as the gateway for industrial players to gain access to the UNIMAS pool of knowledge and expertise. The access comes in the forms of short courses to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the public, consultancy services provided by UNIMAS experts, contract research or education tailor-made to the request of our clients, and the licensing of our research products. CTTC is here to serve UNIMAS and our clients. Our passion lies with helping you grow and prosper, and we pride ourselves on it.

Below are some of the services that we could offer to our clients.

• Event Management Consultancy • Creative & Performing Arts • Training for Staff and Volunteers • Legacy Programmes • Fundraising Consultancy • Ergonomics Expert • Workshop/Seminar
• Biotech Consultancy • Professional Research Team • Feasibility Studies • Biotech Research • Food Technologies • Technical Specialist • Analytical Services • Medical Biotechnology • Downstream Processing • Environmental • Laboratory Studies & Services • Worshop/Seminar
• Engineering Consultancy • Professional Research Team • Feasibility Studies • Materials Engineering • Structural Engineering • Environmental Engineering • Geotechnical Engineering • Optoelectronic and Microprocessor Expert • Analytical Services • Laboratory Studies & Services • Workshop/Seminar/Luncheon or Executive Talk
Economics & Business Management
• Business Management Consultancy • Strategic Planning • Research & Development Programmes • Analytical Studies & Services • Management & Supervisory Programmes • Workshop/Seminar/Luncheon or Executive Talk
Information Studies
• IT Consultancy • System Development • Operational Research • ICT Technologies • Workshop/Seminar
Education and Human Resource Development
• Development Sociology Programmes • Educational Psychology • Linguistics and TESL • HRD Consultancy • Short courses for personal or professional development • Workshop/Seminar • Management & Supervisory Programmes • Mentoring & Coaching • Diversity Training • Effective Communication Workshop • Team Building Techniques • Powerful Team Skills • Leadership Team Building • Workshop for special interest groups • Tailor made in-house and external courses for clients with specific requirements • Strategic Planning • Seminar/Luncheon or Executive Talk
Language Studies
• Proofreading and Language Translation • Writing Skills & Development • Workshop/Seminar
Medical Science
• Medical & Clinical Services • Community Medicine and Occupational Health • Neuroscience Psychological Medicine • Child Development and Disorders • Urology and Nephrology • Pharmacology and Chemical Pathology • Entomology and Microbiology • Intelligence Programmes • Workshop/Seminar/Luncheon or Executive Talk • Analytical Services • Laboratory Studies & Services • Professional Research Team
Resource Science and Management
• Wildlife Management • Taxonomy, Ecology and Physiology • Wood Sciences • Natural Product Chemistry • Workshop/Seminar
Other Services
• Equipment rentals • Office space rentals

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Flow Chart for Consultancy


UNIMAS has more than 600 highly qualified academic staffs in their various disciplines. CTTC is making this large pool of experts available for nation building and specifically to assist industries to grow and be competitive and sustainable. CTTC has successfully completed more than 500 projects.

Our services encompass in:

  1. distributing and propagating current information and technological applications.
  2. acquiring , managing and performing various consultancy projects.
  3. promoting, marketing and managing commercial and contract education.
  4. strengthening all matters pertaining to intellectual property rights.

Refer the Flow Chart for conducting Consultancy at UNIMAS.