18 February, 2020
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University Attendance System


The students signed their by using the card reader device. And the lecturer can easily get their students’ attendances. This method is used to replace the old method which the attendance is taken by using a sheet of paper and it is very inefficient as the lecturer need to spend a lot of time just to dig out the information they want regarding the attendance records.




The attendance of the student will be taken every day depending on the time and date of the lecture conducted. Then, the attendances of the students will be recorded and kept in the database. With the single click, the lecturer is able to retrieve the information regarding the attendance of the students. This system is using the centralized server, which means the administrator can retrieve the information almost in everywhere.



The device is portable and lightweight enable us to carry the device easily. Therefore, change of location of the lecture is not an issue. Besides that, the system is implemented with the searching algorithm which eases the administrator or the lecturer to do their searching. Moreover, the information regarding the attendance of the students can be easily obtained.