18 October, 2019
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Although automotive enterprises are becoming more customer-centric to meet today's challenging market demands, only few vehicle manufacturers have set-up mass customization systems that would enable them to better address customer needs and therefore improve their competitive advantages and business. In addition, the automotive industry has become highly networked but is impaired by a lack of improved communication mechanism on products and components in its B2B relationships. The use of ICT is expected to leverage both business and design activities without changing the fundamental goals of the organisation. CATER's overall aim is to facilitate networked business in the automotive industry by bridging the gaps in the automotive ICT world of today as well as gaps between Europe and Asia.

Middleware Aggregation Knowledge Database System (MArK)

A case study is done at one of Asia's top automotive manufacturer to help the industry requirements for the design and development of a functional MArK system.

Recent innovations include,

  • Middleware
  • 2D Content-based Image Retrieval Tool
  • 3D Model Search Tool
  • Learning tool (relevance feedback)
  • APIs for services

Information on user intent and the knowledge of processess involved are used in the design of vehicles, which allows the retrieval of singular parts(or subsystems) or a combination of parts that best serves user requirements.

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