20 October, 2019
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PPES Works Sdn. Bhd., Momentum Information Technology (MIT) & IMAST has collaborated to develop & implement a GIS based of centre road management & monitoring system (CRMIS) by applying the spatial knowledge & technology on April of 2008. The timeline of overall project is within 5 months to complete the deliverables for PPES Works which is included the integration of Spatial & Non-Spatial Web Application.

 Spatial Web Application:

  • The topographic map that used for the CRMIS is from Land Survey and road map given by PPES, GPS Survey.
  • The map is T735 Series and its scale is 1:50,000
  • The projection that being used is Borneo Rectified Skew Orthomorphic (BRSO)
  • Technical team converted the hardcopy map and GPS Survey data into .shp (shapefile) format
  • The spatial layers consists of Federal Road Layer, Topography layer, Hotline location layer, Inspection layer, Proposal location layer, Road furniture layer, Shoulder layer, Drainage and Culvert layer, River layer and District Boundary layer.
  • The spatial part is built on GIS platform and the databases for spatial and non-spatial CRMIS application are integrated and the functionalities are built on top of the database.

Non-Spatial Web Application:

The Central Road Management System will be used to plan and manage the maintenance of Federal Roads under Zone 1 in Sarawak. As proposed in the CRMIS proposal to PPES Works, the CRMIS consists of the following modules:

  1. Road Inventory Management System (RIMS)
  2. Routine Inspection System (RIS)
  3. Maintenance Operation System (MOS)
  4. Periodic Maintenance Management System (PMMS)
  5. Payment and Claims Module (PYMT)
  6. Sub-Contractor Management System (SUB)
  7. Public Complaints Module (PC)
  8. Web-based Reporting System (WBRS)
  9. System Administration Maintenance (SAM)