23 January, 2020
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IMAST consultants and developers are highly train in the professional way in order to meet clients’ needs that are increasingly fickle and challenging.
We have a proven track record in quickly understanding complex business requirements to keep up competitive and become the market lead in Information Technologies field.


Completed and on-going consultation works:


:: WAR Simulation-MINDEF Project (TIN Modelling), 1997

:: Sarawak State Integrated Coastal Zone Management System, 1998-1999

:: Office Technology Certification Program Curriculum Design, 1998

:: Sarawak State Human Resource Database System, 1999-2001

:: A Pilot Study on Developing a GIS Based Oil Palm Plantation Management System - Phase 1, 1999-2001

:: Design of Tree Replantation Managemet System Using GIS, 2001 - present

:: Establishment of GIS Centre, 2005 - present



:: NCC Education Services, UK 1999 – present, Regional Moderator

:: Informatics - NCC Accreditation Program, 2000 – present, International Moderation Panel


Members of IMAST have expertise in the following areas of ICT, from multiple views:

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Spatial statistics to problems in natural resource ecology and natural resources planning
  • Solutions Provider
  • Software Development
  • Network Infrastructure Implementation


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