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Bil.01/2013 Executive Committee Meeting , dated October 29, 2013 has approved the recommendation Grant Incentives for publication in the Journal of High Impact Papers , Chapters in Books and Creative Production . The proposed incentive is available only to academic staff holding the post of Special Grade ( VK7 ) and down only to encourage academic staff to build capacity as academic excellence in UNIMAS .

Pursuant to the approval, the following are guidelines for the implementation of incentives publishing papers in high impact journals , books , chapters in books and creative production .

1 . Incentives for papers published in high-impact journals in the Journal Citation Report list ( JCR ) published by Thomson Reuters ( also known as the ISI ) . There are two lists in the list of JCR Science Citation Index ( SCI) and the list of Social Sciences Citation Index ( SSCI ) .

2 . Rewards are given based on the impact factor ( IF) . If it can be divided into four categories, namely Q1 , Q2 , Q3 and Q4 , where Q1 is a journal in the first quartile ( top 25 % ) , and so on . Detailed information about the IF can be obtained from the website of Thomson Reuters .

3 . Incentive rate papers are as follows :

Kedudukan IF

Insentif (RM)










4 .To claim this reward , staff are required to submit application forms to include a copy of the papers that have been published as well as document / statement of evidence IF the journal that publishes papers of the Office for Research and Innovation ( RIMC ) for confirmation . Please refer to Appendix A and B.

5 . Distribution to publishing books, chapters in books and creative production are as follows :


                       Insentif (RM)



Bab dalam buku


Produksi kreatif


6 . Publications are published by foreign publishers UNIMAS or reputable and recognized by UNIMAS .

7 . The incentive is provided for all outputs that are published or produced in 2014.

Therefore, it is expected that the circular is extended to all staff under the responsibility center sir / madam so that its implementation can run smoothly in order to enhance the effectiveness and excellence in research and innovation in UNIMAS .

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