Internal Grants



Maximum amount

Small Grant Scheme

-The grant provides for one-year award to

staff to conduct studies or research which may not be

appropriately supported by the regular Fundamental

Research Grant, ScienceFund or TechnoFund.

1 - 3 Years

Social Science – RM15K

Science & Tech – RM25K


Dana Principal Investigator (Principal Investigator Fund)

The establishment of the PI Fund is to create additional

financial resources to assist research activities, to strengthen

research groups’ research activities in the areas of priorities

and to build critical mass in supporting the implementation

of selected projects. Furthermore, the PI Fund contributes


towards the increment of PhD students, strengthens the

university’s R&D agenda of achieving the Research University

status, enhances research publications in high impact journals

and expedites the development of R&D products that have

potential for commercialization.

1 - 3 Years

Social Science – RM35K

Science & Tech – RM55K


Dana Pelajar PhD ( Phd Student Fund )



This funding is to enable PhD candidates undertake the following :

- Carry out an exploratory study about the things that can be the foundation for long-term research projects ;
- Gather, analyze and document work -related artifacts , biological samples , people, language , or places of scientific interest , medical , social and cultural rights. Conservation activities and these archives should also be linked to the need for exploratory studies or long-term .

As with other research funding , funding PhD students also set the recipient to carry out a project effectively and in turn publish or exhibit the findings of their quality .

Requirements and Qualifications

Funds are eligible for all academic staff to meet the following conditions :

- Funds granted for a maximum period of 3 years for each PhD student registered ;
- A fund of RM5 , 000.00 for the Humanities and Social Sciences (FSS ) and RM10 , 000.00 for Science and Technology ( S & T ) is provided for each PhD research project ;
- PhD candidate must first register as a student UNIMAS ;
- Output such as journal publications or monographs, specimens / artifacts / images / modules and so systematically documented, and the thesis must be submitted to the RIMC after completion of a project;
- Withdrawal of funds , procurement, and so on for an approved research projects are subject to the procedures and financial regulations or Treasury UNIMAS time being in force ;
- Reporting and evaluation procedures of the report to the DPP project is based on a common procedure that is used for a research project under the Fundamental Grant Scheme ( PRGS ) ;
- Researchers have produced at least two journals indexed / impact ;
- Applicants must be registered and active in the IRIS system .
- Funds can not be used to obtain a research assistant or attend the conference .

Application Procedure

- All applications must be forwarded to the Dean / Director of Faculty / Institute / Center . After getting confirmation from Dean / Director of F / I / P , the application will be forwarded to the Director of RIMC will examine and make recommendations to the Chancellor ( Research and Innovation ) for approval of funding .
- Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks to work before starting a research project . It is intended that the proposal should be reviewed and evaluated to ensure quality and standards are adhered to.
- Each application must use the application form DPP Fund by including a brief description of the background, purpose and objectives, expected outcomes / contributions, budget proposals and research methodology. A brief description of the expected outputs ( research papers, modules , etc.) should be included. DPP Form Can be downloaded from the website RIMC .


1 - 3 Years

Science Social - RM 5K

Science Technology - RM 10K




Maximum amount


-grant given to selected research projects that have potential

to excel and promote UNIMAS nationally and internationally

2-3 years


Special allocation from university for special projects

DANA INOVASI (Innovation Fund)

 A fund that encourages innovation activities and provides

small funding to the academic staff of UNIMAS during the

early stages of innovation research. This funding provides

assistance during the “proof-of-concept” stage or any

booking/retail purchases for the installation of art works

and innovative design.

2 years


Social Science – RM15K


Science & Tech – RM25K