RIMC Workshop Series : "Mind your Own (Academic) Business"


We are now living in the world of KPIs, with the scope of the tasks of an academic becoming defined more and more like a business.  Is it then not possible for young academics to get on top of the situation?


In this workshop, participants will learn how to make the most of an academic career by viewing the academic business in the right perspective through the use custom-made modelling tools


The academic business has to be viewed as a continuum of continuous creation of knowledge, dissemination of findings via publications, sharing of knowledge with students and the creation of value for the community and ourselves.  

dr Nara

About the Facilitator

Professor Dr Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer

Dr Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer is presently a Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. He has been actively involved in shaping the research directions at the Faculty for the past two decades. He has also played a leadership role in the establishment of the Research Roadmaps, and strategic planning at both the university and National levels.

Apart from his active involvement in research projects, teaching learning, publications, consultancy and community service projects, he also has 20 years of experience in conducting motivation and Human Values training programs. He is eager to share his experience on why an academic career is the most rewarding one.


Date: 27th March 2014

Time: 9:00am – 4.30pm

Venue: Delima Hall, Level G, BHEP




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