RIMC Workshop Series : “Research Grant Application Workshop”



It is not uncommon that junior academics or novice researchers often construe writing and applying for a research grant as a massive and difficult task.

Many inexperienced academics submit proposals that lack quality because they are done in haste, a last minute attempt and an effort done under pressure.

In many respect, writing and submitting a grant application is a straightforward process.

The problems are usually due to misconception and lack of familiarity with grant application process.

This workshop will provide essential insights on the processes of grant application with emphasis on writing a good proposal. 




The broad topics to be discussed in this workshop include:


$1        Purpose and nature of a research grant

$1        Knowledge gap and research question

$1        Technical information for applying a research grant

$1        Language and style of a good grant proposal

$1        Ethical consideration

$1        Managing a research grant

$1        Grant output



Dr David PereraAbout the Facilitator

Dr. David Perera 

is an Associate Professor and current Director of the Institute of Health and Community Medicine in University Malaysia Sarawak. Dr. Perera’s research interest is in infectious diseases with a primary focus on viruses. He has published more than 20 research journal articles with a cumulative impact factor of 140. Dr. Perera’s articles have been cited more than 1200 times in various scientific research publications. As recognition of his research contributions in his field of research, Dr. Perera has been invited on numerous occasions to be an ad hoc reviewer for several notable peer-reviewed journal publishers. He has also led a number of National and International research projects with research grants from both National and International funding agencies. Dr. Perera currently heads the UNIMAS Science expert panel which allows him to impart his experience in research grant applications from National and International sources.




Date: 9 Disember 2014

Time: 9:00am – 4.30pm

Venue: Bilik Pascasiswazah, Tingkat 1,

Pusat Islam Tun Ahmad Sallahudin (PITAS)





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