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Strategic Planning and Quality Management Centre or its acronym SQC was established on 1st October 2013 with the main objective of improving the overall quality of UNIMAS. Since 1st August 2008, it was formerly known as the Quality Assurance Division. 

The main functions of SQC cover the activities related to Strategic Planning and Implementing, Benchmarking and Standardizing, Enhancing and Strengthening and Leveraging on ICT. SQC serve as the Secretariate for the Steering Committee called Jawatankuasa Strategi dan Kualiti UNIMAS (JSKU).

Our Vision
To be a leader in organizational transformation in becoming a world class instituition.

Our Mission
SQC strives to innovate and create initiatives that enhance the quality of UNIMAS with a special focus on fulfilling the needs of customers and stakeholders.


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Knowledge sharing

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