Division for Risk Management

Risk Management Division

Risk Management at UNIMAS

UNIMAS initiated its formal risk management arrangements in 2012. As a result, the Board of Directors (LPU) approved the formation of a Risk Committee, a general Risk Management Policy and the Division's General Risk Management Strategy

At the strategic level, UNIMAS will maintain a Master or Central Risk Register comprising several fundamental risks; those occurring at an institutional and operational levels. The Risk Committee is responsible, on behalf of the Board of Directors, for reviewing the Master Risk Register at least Once a year.

Risk Committee

Board of Directors approved the formation of the Risk Committee ("JKPR") in 2012. The JKPR advises the Board of Directors on risk management and submits its minutes and an annual report for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Risk Owners : Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Divisions

Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Divisions must maintain an up-to-date operational risk register; this is an obligatory component of annual planning submissions. The guidance to the annual planning round highlights the importance of taking risk into account when drawing up plans.

Deans/Heads of PTjs are responsible for reviewing operational Risk Registers on a termly basis. The central Risk Committee then considers operational Risk Registers on an annual basis.

The Faculty

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The Divison For Risk Management Office (BPR) was formed on the 1 January 2014 by the authority of the University's Executive Committee to be a secretariat for the UNIMAS Risk Management Committee.

The BPR Office is responsible for coordinating the risk management programme and will provide advice and guidance, including the development of standard templates and tools to assist the University in managing risk.

The BPR Office will develop and conduct training on the principles of risk management, risk assessment and on how to implement risk management effectively.

Where necessary, the BPR Office will assist FIPB and CSUs to conduct risk assessments on new venues and activities.

The BPR Office will maintain the University's Central Strategic Risk Register on behalf of the Vice Chancellor and the Risk Committee.

The BPR Office will develop a comprehensive incident reporting system and maintain information on losses or adverse events when risks eventuate.

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