Reita Rahim of Gerai OA Talk

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There will be a talk by Reita Rahim, Coordinator and Co-Founder of Gerai OA, Malaysia at 1pm -2pm today, 17 October 2012. The talk will be held @ the Textile Studio, FACA.

About Gerai OA
Gerai OA is a volunteer-run, nomadic stall selling crafts by the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia; 100% of sales is paid to the named artisan.

To document, revive & revitalise the heritage crafts of the Orang Asal, the indigenous minorities in Malaysia. This is done via publications, photos, workshops & sales.

And 100% of the sales monies is returned to the artisan, their businesses or NGOs.

Company Overview
Gerai OA (Indigenous People's Stall) is a nomadic, volunteer-run stall selling Orang Asal heritage crafts, books, CDs & DVDs by or about the the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities of Malaysia).