Friday, January 24, 2020

Postgraduate Thesis & Examination Procedure (Pre-Viva Voce)

Pre-Viva Voce

Candidates should notify in writing to the Centre for Graduate Study UNIMAS at least three (3) months before they intend to submit their thesis using the notification form; Notice For Submission of Thesis - Form 5NS (download form from www.postgraduate.unimas).

For the purpose of examination candidates are required to submit two (2) copies of thesis together with verification form; Supervisor Endorsement for Thesis Examination – FACA/FPC1.

Candidates also are advised to apply the following guidelines before submitting thesis for examination.

  1. 1.              Maximum Length Required

(a)    PhD Thesis - 100,000 words;

(b)   Master’s Dissertation - 60,000 words;

Excluding footnote, appendices, tables, diagrams, references and bibliography

  1. 2.              Conform to the set Guidelines

Candidates are required to conform to the guidelines set by the Faculty and Centre for Graduate Study UNIMAS. Candidates are also required to keep the writing structure and format especially citation and referencing format of their theses accurate and consistence. FACULTY OF APPLIED AND CREATIVE ARTS encourage candidate to apply APA (American Psychological Association) System 5th Edition for citation and referencing.

  1. 3.              Editorial Service

Candidates are advisable and encouraged of using the editorial service as to check their words and sentences structure before the thesis is sent for examination. Supervisors are not responsible on editing the theses. Students should refer for language expertise for the accuracy of translation and terminology. Theses that are reasonably free of errors will be accepted for examination.

  1. 4.              Similarity Index

Student’s thesis should undergo the plagiarism screening process using ‘Turn It In’ software. The software will generate the percentage of similarity.

  1. 5.              Supervisor’s Approval

Candidates should obtain verification and approval from their Main Supervisor using, Supervisor Endorsement for Thesis Examination Form – FACA/FPC1.