Monday, April 06, 2020

Postgraduate Thesis & Examination Procedure (Post-Viva Voce)

Post-Viva Voce

All theses must be corrected, approved by the Faculty and re-submitted to the Centre for Graduate Studies within 4 months for Master Degree and 6 months for PhD after the date of the viva.

Candidates are advised to follow the following procedures when doing the thesis correction:

Consult with Main Supervisor before submitting thesis for re-examination.

  1. Make correction based on report from Internal and External Examiner.
  2. Attach the detail of thesis correction (refer template provided).
  3. Obtain verification from Main Supervisor after correction using, Verification of Thesis Correction By Main Supervisor Form-FACA/FPC2.

 For the purpose of re-examination, candidates are required to submit one (1) copy of thesis, to the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research) of FACA together with attachment of detail thesis correction and Main Supervisor’s verification form (FACA/FPC2).