ART TALK by Prof. Dr. Jon Hyde & Prof. Dr. Kimberly Sultze

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In conjunction with GKV3213 Fine Art Seminar class, all are invited to attend an art talk by Dr. Jon Hyde and Dr. Kimberly Sultze from St. Michael's College, Vermont, United State.

The details of the Art Talk are as below:

Venue   : Experimental Theater, FACA
Time     : 2.00 pm
Date     : 6th March 2014

For information, Dr. Hyde and Dr. Sultze are Fulbright Visiting Scholars at FACA in 2014. They are both professors of Global Studies and Environmental Studies at St. Michael's College.  They also teach media arts production and social science research courses in the Department of Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts. 

Dr. Jon Hyde and Dr. Kimberly Sultze are wildlife photographers and professors of digital arts and global media.  Their research and artistic interests concern issues and ideas related to cultural change, globalization, and the environment. They are particularly focused on biodiversity, science communication and environmental education.  Their research explores connections among media use, community, and public health.

Their photography has been featured in numerous national and international galleries and exhibitions.  It has been published by scientific and conservation organizations including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge Association, and the Audubon Society. Their work has taken them to wilderness areas, forests, national parks, and preserves throughout the world. Their recent photography has focused on wildlife hotspots and corridors in Central America, the Himalayas, the Amazon, Canada and the United States.