Contact Information

Dr Mohd Kamal Othman
Head of Department
Tel: +6082-584153

Kartini Abdul Ghani
Cognitive Science Programme Coordinator
Tel: +6082-581520

Department of Cognitive Science

Reflective of the interdisciplinary nature of the Cognitive Science field, academic members of the Department of Cognitive Science have a diverse range of educational backgrounds and research interests. Despite this rich diversity of expertise and experience, the unifying feature shared by all members is the interest in the scientific investigation into the wonders of the human mind. The pursuit of research at the department can be grouped into four niche areas, namely Cognitive Psychology, Intelligent Systems, Human Factor and Learning Sciences, each looking at the aspects of human mind from different lenses.

The undergraduate academic program offered at the department provide opportunities for students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the human mind, its functions, capabilities and relationship with human behavior, and apply this understanding into the design and development of technologies that help optimize human potential. The graduate study program enables students to advance their understanding by focusing on research within the four niche areas of the department.