MSc Learning Sciences

The Learning Sciences group is committed towards promoting instructional practices grounded on the scientific understanding of how humans learn. Research interest of the group primarily centers on understanding the complexities of human learning –  how it takes place in a variety of formal and informal real life settings, and how it can be improved and better scaffolded. Research strands of the group include investigation of factors elemental to the design of effective learning environments, the potentials of emerging technologies to scaffold for meaningful learning, and the issues, problems or challenges to learning from a multitude of perspectives, such as cognitive science, socio-cultural studies, and educational psychology.

This taught Masters programme is offered by the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development and is intended for professionals interested in teaching and learning. The courses are designed to upgrade knowledge and skills on teaching and learning in various contexts. This programme combines coursework and a research paper. A minimum of 40 credits of study and a final Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.00 is required for the award of the Master degree.


MSc Learning Sciences by Coursework

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MSc Learning Sciences Events

>> MSc Learning Sciences: KML6066 Research Paper Poster Presentation - 9th December 2015

>> Learning Sciences Academic Writing Workshop - 5 September 2015

>> The 3rd Learning Sciences Colloquium: 20th - 21st May 2014

>> Learning Sciences Academic Writing Workshop - 9 Feb 2014



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