About The Faculty


:: Overview

From cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to human resource development and clinical counseling, the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development takes a university education and focuses it on challenges and opportunities in the real world. Our impact reaches beyond the boundaries of UNIMAS to benefit Sarawak, Malaysia and the world.

We are the first university in South East Asia to recognize the importance of the studies for understanding the mechanism of the mind, the nature of intelligence and a sophisticated knowledge of human factors in computers and technology to the growth areas of this millennium. We took advantage of this by offering an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Sciences - B. Sc. (Cognitive Science) with honors.

The Faculty was established in 1994 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Human Resource Development, Cognitive Science, Counselling through three main departments.

In terms of research the Faculty has identified three main areas, namely psychology, intelligent system and human factor and learning sciences under the Cognitive Science area. Another area is Human Resource Development which centres on human capital and development management and technology. Counselling, involves research into organisational counselling, technological and clinical.


:: Vision and Mission


To be a signature faculty in the field of cognitive sciences and human development


•    To produce excellent human capital and scholars
•    To foster conducive environment for teaching, learning and research
•    To apply knowledge and skills in various contexts of living
•    To inculcate a culture of scholarly excellence
•    To practice a healthy lifestyle


:: People

Faculty Management Team ||  Academic Staff ||  Support Staff ||  Postgraduate Student

:: Facilities

The faculty is constantly upgrading its facilities such as Computer Lab for teaching and learning session.  Faculty is also providing the students with individual and group Counseling Lab which is sufficiently equipped with camera and television.  Counseling Lab is also function as a discussion area.

Resource Room
The Faculty is constantly upgrading the Resource Room to support/providing the student for searching and getting sources like student’s Final Year Project and for other reference.

Rest Room and Prayer Room
Student’s Rest Room could be found at ground floor and prayer room is also provided for Muslim student at 3rd floor.

Internet Access
Faculty enjoys internet facilities through campus-wide computer network.  Student are provided with email services and may surf the web using the facilities either at their room or faculty computer lab or at the Centre for Academic Information Service (CAIS).