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From cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to human development and clinical counselling, the faculty takes a university education and focuses it on challenges and opportunities in the real world. Our impact reaches beyond the boundaries of UNIMAS to benefit Sarawak, Malaysia and the world. We invite you to investigate this page in pursuit of your own unique interests and discover the challenges and opportunities waiting for you.

Postgraduate Programmes

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind and the nature of intelligence. Researchers in cognitive science come from a wide range of background including computer science, education, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and others. Scholars in this field share a common goal of having a better understanding of human cognition. Therefore, both natural intelligence in humans and artificial intelligence in computers are central themes explored by scholars in this field. Cognitive science involves aspects of complex cognition, computational models of thought processes, knowledge representation, and the emergent behavior of large-scale interacting systems. At the most basic level, cognitive science seeks a better understanding of the mystery of the human mind, the processes and tools of teaching and learning, of mental abilities, and of the development of intelligent devices that can augment human capabilities in constructive ways.

Master and Doctorate Degrees in the Department of Cognitive Science
Master and Doctorate Degrees in the Department of Human Resource Development

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Cognitive Science)
Bachelor of Science with Honours (Human Resource Development)
Bachelor with Honours (Counselling)


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