Monday, 06 Apr 2020
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The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology is committed to the recruitment and retention of excellent faculty. The purpose of Mentor Mentee System is basically to attainment of that goal and aims to assist student in maximally developing their learning environment. The Faculty strongly supports and encourages the mentoring mission which includes:


• The Academic Deputy Dean serves as an administrative mentor

• Faculty lecturers serve as programmatic mentors

• Procedures to identify and address problems in the developing stages of the learning of students

• A system for documentation established and maintained on a timely basis



The main objectives of this Mentor Mentee System include:

• Retain new students by helping them to become more familiar with the university culture, and how to accomplish their studies.

• Help current students grow and develop professionally as UNIMAS students.

• Foster a cooperative network among the students by helping those meet and network with all lecturers.

• Increase the flow of accurate and timely information through the university.

• Contribute to student morale, motivation, and a sense of community.

• Create a culture that fosters creativity and innovative thinking.



Mentoring is when a role model, or mentor, offers support to another person. A mentor has knowledge and experience in an area and shares it with the person being mentored. For example, in FCSIT, each lecturer has been assigned as a mentor for students to guide them in their studies and help them to become more familiar with university culture.






• Mentor Mentee Day

Mentor Mentee Day is a half-day celebration organized by FCSIT. It celebrates the positive, long-lasting effects of mentoring and is the beginning of the mentoring session for each new batch in September. 


The goals of Mentor Mentee Day are:

• To develop new relationship between new students and lecturers.

• To provide an opportunity for new students to know and get familiar with their mentor.

• To host an exciting, fun-filled day for new students and their mentor to share and meet other pairs from across the program.


Mentor Mentee Day is an event associated with PERTEKMA (FCSIT) and normally taking place in or outside campus from 9.00 am – 1:00 pm on Saturday in September. All first year students and lecturers from FCSIT were involved on that day. They are grouped according to their chosen program of study and have to participate in organized events, sharing experiences, learning, being entertained, and most importantly, having fun.


• Meet Mentor at Least Twice in a Semester

All new and current students are required to meet and discuss their academic plan and performance with their mentor at least twice in a Semester. The mentor will act as an academic advisor in guiding their mentees when they have a problem and motivate them to strive harder. However, other types of problems/questions related to career, emotion, medical, program details, finance, etc., which their mentor cannot handle should be directed to the appropriate channels such as UNIMAS counselor, program coordinator, deputy dean, or dean. The mentees must record all the details of discussion and other related issues in their meeting log book, and the mentor needs to proofread them and sign.


• Motivation Talks

The Faculty usually gives the Motivation Talks to all or selected students every semester, in order to encourage and guide them to study smartly in UNIMAS.