Monday, 06 Apr 2020
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Computer software plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of human endeavour ranging from transportation and communication, finance, education, law, health and so many others. Software engineering is a discipline that involves the application of scientific and engineering principles towards the development, operation and maintenance of large scale computer software. Software engineering encompasses knowledge from multiple fields such as management, mathematics, project management and quality management.


To increase the market potential of our graduates our curriculum structure was designed based on IEEE Curriculum guidelines for software engineering. The programme curriculum will emphasize towards the fundamentals in software engineering, methodology, tools for software development as well as methods in accessing the quality of the software that is developed. Students will receive fundamental training in programming, network technology, mathematics for IT and information database. In addition to the fundamental subjects, students are exposed to various techniques of analyzing and formalizing user requirements, software design, implementation and techniques in accessing the quality of software. Students will also be given the opportunity to apply theories by involving themselves in various software development projects in a team environment based on the guidelines set by the software engineering institute. The curriculum will also include courses in artificial intelligence where students can learn the fundamentals in artificial intelligence and its application areas in various fields.


Upon successful completion of the course students will be capable of developing software of high quality, developed on time and easy to maintain and reuse. Students will be prepared with both the necessary soft skill and technical skill in order to fulfill the demands of the industry. It is our hope that we can produce leaders, critical thinkers and technopreneur in order to fuel the knowledge economy in today’s competitive environment.