Monday, 30 Mar 2020
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   Name    Phone    Designation   Email (
  Alvin Yeo Wee (AP Dr)   +6082583659   Director of ISITI    alvin
  Bali Ranaivo-Malançon (AP Dr)   +6082583739   Lecturer-Contract    mbranaivo
  Bong Chih How (Dr)   +6082583796   Senior Lecturer    chbong
  Chiu Po Chan (Mdm)   +6082583715   Lecturer    pcchiu
  Dyg Hanani Abg Ibrahim  (Mdm)   +6082583648   Program Coordinator    hananii
  Emmy Dahliana Bt Hossain (Miss)   +6082583643   Lecturer    hedahliana
  Fatihah Ramli (Mdm)       Lecturer (Study Leave)   rfatihah
  Inson Din (Mdm)   +6082583638   Senior Lecturer    chone
  Jennifer Fiona Wilfred Busu (Miss)   +6082583654   Tutor    wbjfiona
  Lee Jun Choi (Mr)       Lecturer (Study Leave)    jclee
  Mohamad Nazri Khairuddin (Mr)       Lecturer (Study Leave)    kmnazri
  Mohammad b Hossin (Dr)   +6082583728   Senior Lecturer    hmohamma
  Nadianatra bt Musa  (Dr)   +6082583773   Head of Department    nadia
  Nurul Zawiyah Mohamad (Mdm)       Lecturer    mnzawiyah
  Rosita Mohamed Othman (Mdm)   +6082583733   Lecturer    morosita
  Stephanie Chua Hui Li (Dr)   +6082583727   Senior Lecturer    chlstephanie
  Suhaila Saee (Mdm)   +6082583712   Lecturer    ssuhaila