Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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  Multimedia 1 Lab is located at Ground Floor, Block A, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, UNIMAS.  
  The lab has a total of 51 Desktop Computers including 1 Instructor PC.  
  Operating System :  
  Windows 7  
  Software Applications :  
  Microsoft Office 2010, Trend Micro Office Scan Anti Virus, Sound Forge 8.0,  
  Adobe Reader (Latest Version), Google Chrome (Latest version),  
  Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute, Photoshop CS,  
  Java JDK, Microsoft SQL,Google Sketchup, C++, VRMLPad, MySQL  
  Room Equipments :  
  Whiteboard, PA System, LCD Projector.  



  FCSIT has provided wireless facilities for users in the faculty. But, wireless coverage is limited to some areas.
  But in general, users can connect to the UNIMAS Wireless Facilities listed below:
   :: UNIMAS-Staff      
   :: UNIMAS-Student      
   :: UNIMAS-Guest      
  Please note that you have to register in Anjung UNIMAS to use the above facilities.
  For areas with limited wireless coverage, LAN Connectivity has been provided to all local PCs in the lab. For your information, all PCs are connected to the Domain Server. Therefore, without a domain account, you will not be able to use the PC.
  For domain accounts, please contact G13 Technical Unit, FCSIT at the following numbers (8am-9pm weekdays):



    All labs in FCSIT are equipped with CCTV monitoring system 24/7. It uses the IP Camera Technology  connected to a server that records everything in the labs. 
  The system is being managed by the G13, Technical Unit, FCSIT.
  For other areas, the monitoring is done by the UNIMAS CCTV System which is being managed by UNIMAS' Security Team.
      As a reminder, users are advised not to leave their personal belongings unattended in FCSIT.
      For more information, please contact the technical Unit G13, FCSIT in the following lines (8am-9pm weekdays):



Please contact the person below for any technical assistance regarding this lab.



Mr Zulhilmi bin Roslan