Monday, 09 Dec 2019
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CITA '01 Proceedings


Adoption Of IT

            Rosziati Ibrahim. Is There a Relationship between It Usage in Workplace with it Curriculum in Higher Education?- A Survey In Malaysia Organisations.

            Shamshul Bahri bin Zakaria. Virtual Organization (Teleworking/Telecommunication): How The Workers See It.

         Afzaah H. Seyal, Mohd Noah Abd Rahman, Hj. Awg. Yussof Hj. Awg. Mohammad. Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption between Small & Medium Enterprises: A Bruneian Perspective.


Application Of IT

            Patrick Then Hang Hui, Dr Wang Yin Chai. Incorporating Hybrid Approach in 2D Phase Unwrapping using IFSAR Phase Image.

            Shafry Rahim, Daut Daman. Double Cube Data Model For GIS Databases.

            RT Ricthings, M.McGillion CJ Moore. An Intelligent System for Voice Quality Assesment Post-Treatment.

            Roziati Ibrahim, Awangku Azahari Mohd. Dain, Nor Shafiza Shaari, Yvonne Sinding Gom, Zainal Abidin Bachek. Towards Automating The Timetabling System for Unimas.

            Suhaila Zainudin, Bajing Anak Angieng. Between PMB and Pepper Suppliers.

            Titik Khawa Abdul Rahman, Lee Yoot Khuan, Wan Nor Ainin Wan Abdullah. A Genetic Algorithm Approach For Economic Dispatch In Power System.

            Yuhanim Hani Binti Yahaya. A Study on Fuzzy Approach to Software Cost Estimation.

            Train Dinh Que. A Model of Reasoning in an Interval-Valued Probabilistic Knowledge Base.

            Associate Professor Narayanan, Bong Chih How. Framework for Automatic Categorization of Conference Papers.

            Zulikha Jamaludin, Abdullah Embong. An Experiment On TBUI And GUI in Phone-Banking And Internet Banking.

            Chen Chwen Jen, Norehan Zulkiply. Investigating The Sense of Presence in Non-Immersive Virtual Environments.


Communication Systems & Networks

            Khairuddin Haji Osman, Mohamad Kadim Suaidi, Ng Liang Yew. Quality of Servives (QoS) Guarantees in Wireless Multimedia Communications: An Overview.

            Azizi Ab. Aziz, Fadzilah Siraj, Azizi Zakaria. Neutral Network Application in Chaos System Model: Case Study-Business Failure Modelling Design.

            Tawil Paungma, Manoon Sukkasem, Winai Sangkhawijit, Phichet Moungnoul. Utilizing The Neural Network Model For Traffic Prediction At Heavily Loaded Area Of GSM System.

            Ali Yusny Daud, Mohd Aizaini Maarof. Application Framework For E-Business Security Requirements.

            Nguyen Quang Hung, M.Sc., Dr. Chu Ngoc Anh, Dr. Nguyen Minh Dan. WCDMA Radio Network Dimensioning And Co-Planning With GSM.

            Fadzilah Siraj, Mohd Zukime hj Mat Junoh. Predicting Knowledge Economy: Comparing Between Neural Network And Econometric Approaches.

            Che Sobry Abdullah, Fadzilah Siraj, Mohd Dzulkonnain Abu Bakar. Design Of Normal Concrete Mixes Using Neural Network Model.

        M.Shafie Abd Latiff, Marc Cavazza, Ian Palmer, Norhaida M.Suaib. Action Recognition Using Finite State Transition Networks (FSTN) For Synthetic Actor In Virtual Environment.

            Md Zaini Jamaludin. Issues Surrouding Secure Mobile Internet Implementation In Malaysia.

        Tawil Paugma, Manoon Sukkasem, Attasit Innoy, Phichet Moungnoul. Channel Capacity Optimization of GSM Base Transceiver Station By Least Square Method.

            Priyanto,B.E, C.L. Law, Y.L. Guan, T.W. Chua. OFDM Wireless Lan Channel Estimation Using Least Square In Wideband Indoor Rayleigh Fading Channel.


Image, Speech & Signal Processing

            Calvin Woodworth, Hiroyuki Kojima. Knowledge Sharing Through Task Model And Information Organizing Method Using Image/Drawing Expression.

            Puteh Saad, Safaai Deris, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Dzulkifli Mohamad. A Comparison Of Feature Normalization Techniquea On Complex Image Recognition.

            Tu Minh Phuong. Model And Algorithms For Fuzzy Decision Making.

            Cahyo Crysdian, Mohd. Noor b. Md. Sap, Harihodin b. Selamat. Extended Watershed Transformation For Medical Image Segmentation.

            Tu Minh Puong, Pham hoang Duy. Agent-Based Electronc Marketplace.

            Lee Beng Yong, Dr. Wang Yin chai, Dr. Abdelhamid Abdessalam. Artificial Intelligent Toward Off-Line Handwriting Signature Verification System.

            Mohd. Sufian Hussein, Puteh Saad. Content Based Image Retrieval Based On Color Features.

            Muhammad Faisal Zafar, Dzulkifli Mohamad. Complex Image Matching Using Neural Network.

            Abd Manan Ahmad, Liew Eng Siang, Fatimah Mohamad. Speech Recognition From An Autopoietic Perspective.

            Liew Lee Hung, Dr. Wang Yin Chai, Dr. Abdelhamid Abdelsselem. On-Line Signature Verification: Feature Extraction And Comparion Techniques.

            Liew Syh Yeh, Mohd. Zaki Kamsah. Web-Based Data Exchange System In Chemical Process Engineering.


Invited Papers

            Yoshiyori Urano. ICT And Distance Learning.

            Dough Vogel. Technology Support For Cross-Cultural Collaboration.


IT In Education

          Helmi Mokamed Hussain, Khairul Adilah Ahmad, Siti Salmah Md. Kassim, Rohaya Yahaya, Mazlyda Abdul Rahman, Aida Liza Hussin. Edux: A Collaborative Learning Framework.

         Wan Fatimah Bt Wao Ahmad, Halimah Badioze Zaman. Integration Of Multimedia InVisualising Geometric Tranformations For Mathematics Education:A Premilinary Review.

            Brian Ferry, Julie Kihhings, Garry Hoban, Lori Lockyer. Use Of Computer-Mediated Communication-building Community In Initial Teacher Education.

          Junko Sugimura, Yoshiyori Urano. The Design Of The E-Learning Enviroments Study On Development Of Learning Community For E-Learning.

          Narazila Mat. Challenges And Oppurtunities For Implementing Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) In Malaysia: A Case Of Information Technology In Higher Learning Institutions.

            Dr Jeremy Pagram, Elaine Rabbitt. Online Or Out Of Reach?

            Misyer Tajudin, Normaziah Musa. Implementing Extranet-Based In The Educational Institution.