Monday, 20 Jan 2020
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CITA '03 Proceedings


Community Informatics

        Sukunesan Sinnappan, Jamie Carlson, Banu P.Sukunesan. Website Quality In The Australian Electronic Marketspace: Application Of The WeQual™ Instrumental.

            M. Vijayabaskar, Giriji Krishnaswamy. Determinants Of Dynamism In Software Production In High-Technology Clustres: A Study Of Bangalore Southern India.

            Dale Gartshore. Rural Women And Farm Management Insight: Decision Support Tools In The Australian Cotton Industry.

            Bonod Vaidya. Building Wireless Access To Rural Areas Of Nepal.

            Mutlaq B. Al-Otaibi, Rasheed M.Al-Zahrani. E-Commerce Adoption In Saudi Arabia: An Evaluation Of Commercial Organizations’ Web Sites.

            Afzaal H.Seyal,Mohd, Noah Abd. Rahman. Predicting The Internet Use With Attitudes, Self-Efficacy And Behavioral Intentions: An Empirical Study In Brunei Darussalam.

            Wal Taylor, Stewart Marshall. Community Informatics Systems: A Construct For Addressing The Digital Divide.

            Rodney Turner. Career Incentives In The Is Workplace.



            Mohd.Izani, Aishah A.Razak, Juhanita Jiman. Building Effective Online Learning Applications For Digital Visual Effects Subject.

            Mohd Sharani Ahmad, Rohani Abdullah, Dawn M. Butterworth. Identification Of Conductive Hearing Loss In A Preschool Computer Enviroment: A Pilot Study.

            Jasni Ahmad, Arifin Abdul Mutalib, Syamsul Bahrin Zaibon. Intelligent Examination Timetabling.

            Wan Nurhayati Wan Ab.Rahman, Tim Ricthing. Augmented Reality Application In Tutoring System For Reading.

            Kian-Sam Hong. Assesing Social Presence In Tertiary Computer Conferencing.

            Cam Le ‘Kimberly” Lam, Penney McFarlane, Anne Fuller. Blended Learning Environment: Student Viewpoint Toward Interactivity With The Offshore Lecturer And Their Peer.

            Sarina bt. Sulaiman, Ismail bin Hj.Abdullah. English Language Tutorial : A Formal Evaluation.

            Giap Wenf Ng, Tim Ricthings. Knowledge-Based Augmented Reality Training And Learning Environment (Kartle) For Computer Accessory Maintenance Assistance.

            Jamiran Bin Sakam, Achman Rully, Yoshiyori Urano. Classroom Teaching And Learning: The Need For Flexibility And Collaboration In Multimedia Creation.

            Putra Sumari, Muhammad Rafie Mohd. Arshad, Zurida Ishak. Student Modeling Of Web Based Intelligent Tutoring System.


Intelligent System

            N.Sriraam, C.Eswaran. Generalized Regression Neural Network Predictors For Lossless EEG Signal Compression.

            Zafar I.H, Yu-N, Z.H.Zaidi, S S Raza Abidi. Intelligent Agents-Mediated Approach For Experimental Knowledge Of Healthcare Enterprise Through CBR-Adaption Techniques.

            Weng Kin Lai, George Coghill. Data Classification With An Improved Weightless Neural Network.

            Narazlina Khamis, Koh Wai Wah. Phoneasy: A Software Agent For Mobile Phone Company In Malaysia.

            Azizi Ab Aziz, Fadzilah Siraj, Azizi Zakaria. Hybrid Intelligent Classifier For Business Insolvency Classification System.

            Mohd Nizam Omar, Mohd Aizaini Maarof, Subariah Ibrahim. Toward Solving Time Gap Problems Through The Optimization Of Packet Capture Techniques.

            Nung Kion, Lee, Dian Hui, Wang. Realization Of Generalized RBF Network.

            Noor Aida Abdullah. Comparing Frequency-Based And Linguistic Structure-Based Methods For Selecting Malay Stop Words.

            Faiz Moh’d Alshrouf, Aman Jantan. An Agent-Based Design Pattern For Decoupling Views Of E-Business System.

            Rahmita Rahmat, Loh Gin Hooi, Harwant Singh. The Ease Of The Graphics Tools In Obtaining The Degree Of The Cobb Angle.


Knowledge Infrastructure & Security

            Muhalim B.Mohamed Amin, Mazleena Bt. Salleh, Subariah Bt. Ibrahim, Mohd. Rozi B. Katmin. Steganography: Randow LSB Insertion Using Discrete Logarithm.

             Rafidah Md. Noor, Husin Dieh Ung Teck. Wireless Application Converter (WAC).

             Cahyo Crysdian, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Mohd Aizaini Maarof. Enforcing Multilevel Securoty Policies For Network Firewall.

            Yaser Mohamed, Atsushi Kara. Secret Keys Multiplication For Scalable Group Re-Keying.

            Tong Ming,Lim, Sai Peck,Lee,. Object-Relational Mappig Service Architecture.

            Ali Yusny Daud, Mohd Aizaini Maarof, Norliza Katuk, Anazida Zainal. Attack On Intrusion Detection System Host: Simulation And Analysis.

            Scott S.D, Koh Y.H. Design Metrics And The Adaptation Of Web-Page Content Chunks For PDAS.

            Muhammad Aiman Mazlan, Azman Samsudin, Rahmat Budiarto. Secure Group Communication Using Mobile Agents Technologies.

            Raphael C.-W. Phan. Attacks On ATM Authentication Protocols Proposed At Wec2002.

            Patrick Hang Hui Then, Yin Chai Wang. Toward Generic Zero Knowledge Protocol For Blind Watermark Detection.


Knowledge Management & Knowledge Systems

            Selvakumar Manickam, Leong Wan Sun, Tan Pok Suan. Internet Mediated, Multi Layer Medical Terminologies Retriever: Toward Web-Based UMLS Thesauri And Semantic Search Engine.

            Kee Guan Lim, Yu-N Cheah. Sharing, Evaluating And Organizing E-Mail: The KM-Mail Approach.

            Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd. Rahman, Kazuo Sugiyama, Makoto Watanabe. New Knowledge Through The Power Of Design.

            Hailing Wang, Ruwei Dai. Mas-Based Knowledge Management Framework For HWME.

            Mohd Termizi Ghazali, Achmad Rully, Yoshiyori Urano. Multi Level And Multi Language Database Coding System For Data Normalization Of Veterinary Databases.

            N.F Mohd Noor, S.Mohd Arif. 3D Visualization Databases.

            Farid Meziane, Jamila Aliwa. From COBOL To SQL Through Program Transformation And XML.

            Wang Hui Hui, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer. Rotation Invariance In Color-Spatial Based Image Retrieval.

            Chiew Kang Leng, Wang Yin Chai. Shape Feature Representation For Content Based Image Retrieval.

            Mohd Nordin Abdul Rahman, Mohd Khalid Awang. Tool For Collaborative Software Inspection Management.