Friday, 13 Dec 2019
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CITA '09 Proceedings


Computational & Theoretical Science

            Choo-Yee Ting, Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk. Constructing a Basesian Learner Model for INQPRO


Human Computer Interaction

            Kee Man Chuah, Chwen Jen Chen, Chee Siong Teh. Beyond Usability: Exploring the Emotional and Aesthetics Factors of Desktop Virtual Reality-Based Learning Enviroments.

            Lanie, Y.W.Chan, S.Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, N.K. Lee. An Emprirical Investigation of Object-Oriented Query Writing For Three User Group using Causal Maps.

            Robert H Barbour. Practical Low-Cost Augmented Reality Research into Group Car Driving Behaviour.



Image Processing

            Goh Kah Ong Micheal, Tee Connie, Andrew Teoh Beng Jin, Wong Eng Kiong. Low Resolution Contact-Less Palm Print and Knuckle Print Recognition System.

            Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiman, Rahmita Wirza Rahmat, Ramlan Mahmod, Abdul Hamid Abdul Rashid. An Automatic Segmentation of Liver Volume That Contained Disconnected Regions Using 205D Level Set Approach.

            Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk Kiarash Rezahanjani, Hamid Reza Momeni, Kok-Chin Khor. Virtual Musical Intruments: Air Drums.


Network Related

            Bok-Min Goi, YingYing Feng. Duo-Key-Dependent Advanced Encryption Standard.

            Sabri M.Hanshi, Wajdi Al-Khateeb. QoS Based Protection Scheme in MPLS Networks.

            Roime Puniran, Muhammad Shafie Bin Abd Latiff. Implementing Ant Algorithm in Unstructured-But-Enterprise P2P System.


Community Informatics

            S.Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, M.M.Mutang. Digital Divide and Internet in Urban Homes: A Case Study Approach.


Computational & Theoretical Science

            Choo-Yee Ting, Yen-Kuan Chong. Modeling Conceptual Change using Bayesian Network.

            Koh Hock Lye, Teh Su Yean, Kew Lee Ming, Bahari Belaton. Black Scholes Pricing Models: An Innovative Ecologist Approach.

            Norma Alias, Tan Yin San, Roziha Darwis, Noriza Satam, Zarith Safiza A. Ghaffar, Norhafiza Hamzah, MD Rajibul Islam. Parallel Iterative Block and Direct Bock Methods for 2-Space Dimension Problem on Distributed Memory Architecture.


Goverment & Industry

            Fatemeh Alsadat Nikayin, Salimah Mokhtar, Amir Shareghi Najar. A Methodology for Developing Service-Oriented Information System Based on Service-Oriented Architecture.

            Saysoth Keoduangsine, Robert Goodwin. Mobile e-Government Opportunities In Developing Countries: The Case of Laos.

            Aida Suzana Sukiam, Azizah Abdul Rahman, Wardah Zainal Abidin. The Role of Knowledge Mapping In Development Knowledge Portal.


Human Computer Interaction

            Anitawati,M.L., afdallyana,F.h, Nor Laila M.N, Nagamachi,M. Website Affective Evaluation: Analysis of Differences in Evaluations Result by Gender and Educational Background.

            Lau Siew Yung, Chen Chwen Jen. Usability Evaluation of Non-Immerse Virtual Reality: Identifying the Characteristics for Creation an Effective Usability Assessment Tool.

            Fahriana Abdul Karim, Khairulmizam Samsudin, Wan Azizun Wan Adnan. WikiTTX: A Web Collaboration Technology-based Table-Top Exercise System.

            Lau Siew Yung, Chen Chwen Jen. A Modified Group Usability Evaluation for Non-Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) System.

            Azreen Azman. Modelling User’s Browsing Behaviour through the Intertemporal Choice Model.


Image Processing

            Abdollah Dehzangi, Somnuk Phon Amnuaisuk. Keng Hoong Ng. Investigating the Influence of Combines Features to Classifiers’ Performance: a Comparison Study on a Protein Fold Prediction Problem.

            Ridha Omar, T.J.Iskandar Abd Aziz, Ng Kien Kang. Visualization of Engineering Drawing using Computer Augmented Reality Approach.


Network Related

            Tadiwa Elisha Nyamasvisva, Hlabi Hasbullah. Multi-level Security for ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network.

            Mohd Helmi Abd Wahb, Nor Aisah Sudin, Ayob Johari, Siti Zarina Mohd Muji, Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Mohsin, Ariffin Abdul Mutalib, Mazlan Paiman. Designing High Security Universal USB Dongle for Authentication.

            Somnath Ghost, Prakash Veeraraghavan, C.Bhardwaj. Trust and Intention based Model for MANETs.

            Siti Asma Che Aziz, Mohamad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Kasmiran Jumari. Protection Switching and Restoration Scheme at the Drop Region for FTTH-PON.

            Andik Setyono, MD.Jahangir Alam, Raed Ali Al Saqour. Evaluation and Analysis of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Framework in Message Delivery.


Software Engineering & Knowledge Management

            Amir.Reza Sadrolhosseini, Mohd Maarof Moksin, W.Mahmood Mat Yunus, Ionel Valeriu Grozescu, Zainal Abidin Talib. Application of Matlab Software for Simulation, Data Acquisition and Data Analysis of Surface Plasmon Resonance Phenomena.

            Santhi Thilagam, Sellappan Palaniappan. A Hybrid Approach for Link Based Object Ranking and Classification.

            Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Mohd Zaliman Mohd Yusoff, Azhana Ahmad. Development of a Collaborative Knowledge Portal: A Goal-Oriented Approach.

            Subana Shanmuganathan, Philip Sallis, Ajit Narayanan. Statistical Data Analysis Incorporating Web Text Mining to Establish Correlations between Grape Wine Taster Comments and Wine Ratings.

            Hamidah Jantan, Abdul Razak Hamdan , Zulaiha Ali. Intelligent Decision support System (IDSS) for Talent Management using Data Mining Techniques.

            Khalil shihab, Nida Chalabi. Integrated Techniques for Information Retrieval.

            Neeraj Garg. Agent Platforms and Technology Behind.

            Muhammad Agni C.Bhakti, Azween B.Abdullah. Nature-Inspired Self-Organizing Service Oriented Architecture: a Proposal.

            Muthukkaruppan annamalai, Zulhizam Sanip. Improving Competency Evaluation of Web-Ontologies Supported by Natural Language Interface to an Ontology Editor.

            Yuhanis Yusof, Massudi Mahmuddin. Automation of Pragram Classification in Source Code Repository.

            Hammuzamer Irwan Bin Hamzah, Azween Bin Abdullah. Biologically-Inspired Modeling for Filtering Noise in Signals sound.

            Hajar Mat Jani, Lee Sai Peck. Using Case-Based Reasoning and Genetic Algorithm in Framework Documentation Approach.

            Muhammad Rushdi Rusli, AB. Razak Che Hussin, Halina Mohamed Dahlan. Web Information Extraction for Assessing E-Commerce Website Trustworthiness.

            Ali Selamat, Esa Firmansyah Muchlis. Service Oriented Architecture for Tourism Web Services.


The State of E-Community Adoption Among the Malaysian e-Rural Communities

            Mardziah Hashim, Nor Laila MD Noor, Ahmad Sallehin Khalid. The State of E-Commerce Adoption Among the Malaysian e-Rural Communities.

            Zuriati Ismail@Khori, sharifah Sakinah Aidid. A Camparative analysis of Artificial Neural Networks and Logistic Regression in Predicting E-Filing Users.

            Prakash Veeraraghavan. Application of G-Convexity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

            Tutut Herawan, Mustafa Mat Deris. Rough Topological Properties of Sets in Information System using Dependency of Attributes.

            J.Sulaiman, .Othman, M.K.Hasan. Performance of QSAM Iterative Algorithm for Solving 2D Poisson Equations.

           Raymond Chiong, Sandeep Dhakal, Bee Theng Lau. Solving the Examination Timetabling Problem with Controlled Avalanche of Changes.