Monday, 20 Jan 2020
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CITA '99 Proceedings


Adoption of IT

            Hong Kian Sam, Dr. Abang Ahmad Rizuan, Mohd Husin bin Abdul Rahman. Computer in School Administration : A Preliminary Study among Secondary School Administrator in Rompin Destrict,Pahang.

            Devadason Robert Peter, Empowering Student Teachers to Communicate Ideas Using IT.

            Nor Azan Mat Zin, Halimah Badioze Zaman, Hairulliza Mohd Judi, Norhayati Abdul Mukti, Hazilah Mohd Judi, Shahnorbanun Sahran, Kamsuriah Ahmad, Masri Ayob, Salwani Abdullah, Zuraidah Abdullah. Gender Differences in Computer Literacy Level Among Undergraduate Student in University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

            Abang Ahmad Ridzuan. Attitudes, Belief and Behaviour of Computer-User Among Lectures in Teachers’ Training Colleges in Sabah.



            Masahiko Ogai, Hideyeoshi Tominaga, Hidetoshi Yokota, Yoshiyori Urano. Admission Control in Multimedia Multicast Sessions.

            Ghazali Sulong, Naomie Salim, Jumail, Taliba, Ag. Noorajis Ag.Nordin, Ibrahim Lutfi Shuib, Zahari Mahbar. Malaysia Teleradiology System Rad Art.

            Park Young Soon, Yeoh Eng Kooi, Lee Joon Chok, Eleena Ong, Chong Chee Fan. CDMA Technology in Malaysia.

            Majed Al-Mashari, Mohamed Zairi. Information and Business Process Equality: The Case of SAP R/3 Implementation.

            Lt Salleh Suhaili, Bolkiah Garrison, Dr Yacine Rezgui. An IT Integrated Solution to the Royal Brunei Armed Forced Information Systems.

            Suhono H.Supangkat, Willy Wahyud, Azhari, Agus Nggermanto. The Information Technology Development and it’s Implementation in Intelligent Transport System.

            Dr. Abdelhamid Abdesselam, Dayang NurFatimah Awang Iskandar, Shamsiah Awi. Application of Computer Vision Techniques in Pepper Quality Control.

            Syed Nasirin, Ph. D. Geographical Information Systems Implemetation Process in the UK Retail Organisations: Implications to MalaysianRetailers.

            Norhayati Abdul Mukti(Phd), Halimah Badioze Zaman(Phd),  Harry Staines(Phd). Exploratory Research into Web Site Characteristics of Small and Medium Sized Companies in Peninsular Malaysia.

            Naomie Salim. A Virtual Library For Malaysians.


Cultural Impact

            Moh’d Mustafa Salem Al Smadi, Md. Yazid Md. Saman, Abd. Azim B. Abd. Ghani, Ramlan bin Mahmod, Abu Talib Othman. Spritual Perception of Human Virtual Envioment “Islamic Society Approach”.

            Mr. theerasak Thanasankit, Dr. Brian Corbitt. Toward An Understanding of the Impact of Thai Culture On Requirements Elicitation.


IT in Education

            Farid Meziane, Chan Weng Onn, Jane Labadin. Toward a Framework for Developing Educational Software.

            Naomie Salim, Nor Haizan Mohd Radzi, Rozlina Mohamed, Norazah Yusof, Normal Mat Jusoh. An Intelligent Distance Learning System: A Preliminary Study.

            Robert Davison, Gurpreet Dhillon. CyberCourses at City University of Hong Kong.

            Yang Ang Ang, Sim Kim Lau, Graham Winley, Seong Yul Yoon. Information Systems Education in Korea: An Academics Perspective.

             Hanafizan Hussain, Roslan Ismail, Jamilin JAis, Maqsood Ahmed. Distance Education Through Internet-Malaysian Experience.


National Perspectives

            Stephen Corea. Innovation, IT Adoption and Society Development: Sociotechnical Principles and Behaviour Approach.

            Mohd Faisal Syam Abdol Hazis. Cyberspace Economic Policy in Malaysia: The Process, Its Aptness And Impact.

            Sharifah Mariam Alhabshi. Information Technology Gap: A Case of National IT Programmes.

        Zaitun A.B., Mashkuri Y, A.T. Wood-Harper. Systems Integration for a Developing Country: Failure or Success? A Malaysian Case Study.

            Lee Sai Leong. National IT Policy and Information Equity: Equalizing the Imbalance.

            Ainin Sulaiman, Chuah Toon Hong. Doing Business on the Internet in Malaysia.

            Dr. Hu Chun, Dr. Wang Kangmao. Social and Economic Aspects of Internet Access: China Experience (1997-1999).

            Sim Kim Lau, Yang Ang Ang, Graham Winley. Alignment of Technology and Information Systems Tasks: A Comparison between Australian and Singaporean Organizations.


Organisational Responses

            Dr Syed Azizi Wafa, Dr Roselina Ahmad Saufi, Tan Kai Lan. The Impact of Email and Voice Mail on Communication Related Work Outcomes.

            Chieochan O., Lindley D.. Factors Affecting the Use of Information Technology in Thai Agricultural Cooperatives: A work in Progress.

            Maryati Mohd. Yusof, Mohammed Yusoff, Hasmiah Kasimin. An Approach to Information Systems Planning for Poverty Eradication.



            Chrisanthi Avgerou. The Significance of Context in Information Systems and Organizational Change.

            Dr. Gernot Brodnig, Prof. Viktor Mayer-Schonberger. Bridging the Gap: the Role of Spatial Information Technologies in the Integration of Traditional Envoromental Knowledge and Western Science.

            Peter Songan, Fauzia Mohd Noor. Predictors of Internet Utilization Among Students in an Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia.


Research & Development

            Anderson Tiong, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Khairuddin Ab. Hamid. Congestion Control for ATM ABR Service- A Re–Visit.

            Lau Bee Theng, Dr. Wang Yin Chai. Using Maximum Likelihood Approach to Enhance the Map-Matching Technique.

            Bong Chin Wei, Dr Wang Yin Chai. State of the Art in Geographical Redistricting.

            Faaizah Shahbodin. Designing a Web-Based ELT Learning System.