Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020
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Departments Overview



There are four Departments in the Faculty, namely:



:: Computing and Software Engineering


The CSE department is well-known in its three research priority areas ie Image Processing, Intelligent Systems, and Formal Methods. It offers a fruitful and stimulating research environment, advancing fundamental discoveries in various areas including multimedia technologies, image processing, geographic information system, intelligent systems, formal methods, object technologies and software engineering.



:: Computational Science and Mathematics


The aim of the department to enhance contacts between mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists at the university and research scientists in industry. The department’s main mission is to conduct research in collaboration with industry on topics motivated by industrial applications, and to provide assistance to industry.



:: Computer Systems and Communication Technologies


It aims to group researchers and academicians of similar interests for stronger research focus particularly in mobile network services, protocols and infrastructure; wireless broadband communication technologies; wireless sensor networks; rural communications; IP technology; embedded systems; microcontrollers; grid computing and other related areas.



:: Information Systems


The Department’s research focus is to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge at the intersection of human systems and information technology. The Information Systems Department has two main groups: Knowledge Rietrieval and Management (KREAM) and Human Centered Computing (HCC). KREAM group focuses on research areas that involved retrieval techniques from large-scale databases, while HCC group focuses on research areas that are concerned with understanding human beings and with the design of computational artifacts.