Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019
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Inset Picture: Some of the Faculty members who were also invited in the meeting together with delegates from SAINS. 

8th March 2013 – The Faculty has organized a meeting with SAINS today at BMU, FCSIT. The meeting started around 9.30 am which saw all Head of Departments including Director of CoEIMAST attended this session. The meeting was chaired by Assoc Prof. Dr. Jane Labadin. Meanwhile for SAINS, Dr. Anderson Tiong and his colleagues came as their representatives.

The meeting was to discuss any potential research collaborations to be established with FCSIT in the near future. A lot of research areas have been discussed between the two, but any final results will be discussed further between research members. We are hoping for good news to come & hopefully the collaboration will materialized

The 2 hours meeting ends at 11.30 am.

To view more pictures on this event, please click here.