Monday, 22 Jul 2019
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Inset Picture (from left): Mdm. Nooridah Siman, Mr. Wan Hosen Wan Shekh, Mr. Roslie Remin and Mr. Razeki Jelihi are seen busy listening to other members.

15th March 2013 – At 9.00 am, the Keceriaan Committee members has organized a final meeting today at BMU, FCSIT. The meeting is to discuss the final arrangement to be made before the actual activity starts tomorrow. During the meeting also, a few changes to the game lists has been made, including a new game needs to be added after considering faculty members' request. 

Their activity continues after that to G13 Main Office, where some of the items are moved into their own vehicles. Preparation is done & we hope that everything will run smoothly tomorrow. See you all there!

The meeting end at 10.00 am in the afternoon.

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