Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020
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Inset Picture: Prof. Dr. Zaharin is delivering his talks during the discussion with FCSIT Postgraduate students.

27th March 2013 – The Faculty has organized a session for Postgraduate students entitled How to Conduct and Write a Literature Review which was handled by Prof. Dr. Zaharin at BMU, FCSIT starting at 9.00 am today. The discussion was to brief the Postgraduate students on how to produce a very good and structured Literature Review for their papers.

During the session, there were briefed on each chapter where most of them provide interesting questions to the speaker. There were also some good points being shared with them including best practices on how to prepare a good write-up for each chapter. Almost all of the Faculty's Postgraduate Students came to attend this useful session. This is one of the Faculty's programme in helping our postgraduate students to produce a very good research papers in the future.

The session ends around 11.30 am.

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