Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
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Inset Picture (from left): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jane Labadin is seen chairing the meeting while Prof. Dr. Zaharin Yusoff is preparing his R&D presentation.

23rd April 2013 - The Faculty has organized its Translating the Roadmap to Grants meeting today at BMU, FCSIT starting at 2.30 pm in the evening. All Head of Departments, Project Leaders including IT Officer were invited to join the meeting which was chaired by Assoc. Prof.Dr. Jane Labadin. 

This meeting are focusing on issues related to the FCSIT Roadmap whereby the R&D Task-force were formed to help the Faculty manages its grant application process aligned with its existing Research Roadmap led by Prof. Dr. Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer - Dean of FCSIT. During the meeting also, the restructuring of departments were made whereby changes to some of the department's members was done. At the same time, each of the task-force leaders appointed for each clusters will be responsible to handle their own research clusters.

The leaders appointed will also determine on how many potential exemplar projects could be listed from each clusters in their next research clusters meeting tomorrow. We hope that this restructuring will provide a better communications between each research clusters within the FCSIT Research Roadmap. The output will be the amount of grants obtained by the Faculty later. We hope that it will push the Faculty to achieve its KPI target in the near future. 

The session ends at 4.00 pm and will continue to the next group session tomorrow.

To view more pictures during this meeting, please click here.