Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020
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Inset Picture: Mr. Mohd. Nazri is delivering his presentation to his department members.

15th May 2013 - The IS Department of FCSIT has organized their weekly discussion again today among their department members at PMR2, FCSIT starting at 3.00 pm. For this week discussion, IS Head of Department - Mr. Mohd. Nazri is presenting his talk entitled Digital Lifestyle. 

The session which was attended by Dr. Nadianatra, Mdm. Rosita, Mdm. Chiu Po Chan, Mdm. Inson, Mdm. Stephanie Chua Hui Li, Mdm. Suhaila & Mdm. Dyg Hanani. The topic today focuses on Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. A further definition was briefed by Mr. Mohd. Nazri on why it is closely related to Digital Lifestyle. Indirectly, Digital Natives or Immigrants contribute to the migration of rural population to urban areas.

The session only took about 1 hour to finish. It ends at 4.00 pm in the evening.

To view more pictures during this event, please click here.