Monday, 22 Jul 2019
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Information Systems (IS) Research Hour: Business Intelligence and Building Enterprise Applications

Inset Picture: Miss Emmy Hossain is doing her presentation to the rest of IS members.

31 July 2013 – The Information Systems (IS) Department organized its weekly Research Hour today among department members at PMR1, FCSIT. The session began at 2.30pm and was attended by 7 department members.

In this session, Miss Emmy Hossain presented on Business Intelligence (BI) and Building Enterprise Applications (BEA), the two areas that were taught in the Infosys Faculty Enablement Programme (FEP), conducted for 2 weeks in Langkawi, Kedah, earlier this month.

Among the topics covered are lifecycles, methodologies, project phases, solutions, tools, challenges, industry best practices and future directions in BI and BEA. 

The session ended at 3.20pm.

To view more pictures during this event, please click here.