Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
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Seminar Series : Self-sustainable Telecentre Architecture

Inset Picture: Some of the FCSIT members who attended the talk.

21st August 2013 - The Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology has organized a Seminar Series session today at BMU, FCSIT starting from 2.00 pm in the afternoon. Almost all of the academicians including FCSIT Dean - Prof Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer & FCSIT Deputy Dean (Postgraduate & Research) - Dr. Edwin attended the session. Some postgraduate students were also present.

For this week, AP Dr. Tan Chong Eng is presenting his research project entitled Self-sustainable Telecentre Architecture. Below is the abstract for his presentation :

Telecentre has been an important tool for bridging the digital divide but most telecentre initiatives still heavily relied on urban-like supporting utilities and infrastructure to make the telecentre implementable in the rural. Instead of recreating a costly urban-like supporting infrastructure for telecentre in the rural, the self-sustainable telecentre architecture has introduced technology innovations to allow easy deployment of telecentre as well as increase the impact and coverage of the telecentre. The modular based service module design allow the telecentre services to be put up in days, scalable according to the actual needs, more reliable in service and easier in maintenance. Once the telecentre service is no longer needed due to development, the self-sustainable telecentre can be easily relocated to other rural areas with minimal cost.   

The Faculty would like to thank AP. Dr. Tan Chong Eng for his effort to share his research idea with the Faculty members.

The session ends around 2.45 pm.

To view more pictures during this event, please click here.