Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020
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Sharing Knowledge - ARUBA Wireless Network Management

Inset Picture: Mr. Ting is doing his presentation to our Technical Staffs.

22nd August 2013 - A second demo session is held today in the evening entitled ARUBA Wireless Network Management System. The session was scheduled during G13 weekly Sharing Knowledge Session at TR6, FCSIT starting from 2.30 pm. The demo session was briefed by Mr. Sim & Mr. Joseph and joined by few technical staff members.

The ARUBA Wireless Network Management is a system which incorporated wireless hardware devices & internal Virtual Access Point Controllers which enables the Network Administrator to monitor & manage the wireless network usage within an environment. The system is equipped with the latest security release added with multiple standard RFID & VOIP technologies. As for the Faculty environment, it is deployed together with the Active Directory (AD) services. This will enable all domain registered devices being connected with a single login access.

The session ends around 4.30 pm.

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