Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019
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Contact Info

Programme Coordinator


Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology,

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,

94300 Kota Samarahan,

Sarawak, Malaysia.



Phone                :  +6082583650

Faks                   :  +6082583764

Room Location  :   1G, 1st Floor, Block B.



Mohamad Nazim Jambli is currently a Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). His research interest is in mobile wireless sensor networks focusing on the network protocols and transmission power control.


:: PhD. Candidate in Computer Science 2007-present Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 

:: Master of Information and Communication Technology(MICT) 2002-2003 Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

:: Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T. Hons.) (Computer System Technology) 1999–2001 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Current Research Activities

·          :: “A Lightweight Data Hovering Algorithm for Information Discovery in Vehicular Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks” – FRGS 2013 (FRGS/1/2013/ICT03/UNIMAS/03/2)


:: “An Energy-Aware Soft-Handoff Algorithm to Support Strong Mobility In Mobile Wireless Sensor Network (MWSN)”– FRGS 2013 (FRGS/1/2013/ICT03/UNIMAS/02/3)

:: “Social Based Neighbor Selection Protocol for Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks” – FRGS 2013 (FRGS/1/2013/ICT03/UNIMAS/02/1)

:: “Intelligent Event Correlation for End-to-End Internet Performance Monitoring” – FRGS 2013 (FRGS/1/2013/ICT03/UNIMAS/02/2)

:: “Energy-aware Clustering Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Sensor Networks” – RAGS 2012 (RAGS/2012/UNIMAS/TK06/4)

:: “Mobile Application Testing Model” – RAGS 2012 (RAGS/2012/UNIMAS/TK05/3)

:: “Cost Effective and Self-sufficient Power Supply Model for Wireless End User Access Equipment in Rural Long Houses” - ERGS, KPT Malaysia 2012

:: “Efficient Routing for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network to Minimize Energy Consumption” - UNIMAS Fundamental Research Grant 2007

:: “Messaging Services for Integrating Networked Appliances with Learning Capabilities” - UNIMAS Short Term Grant 2004

:: “Using Grid Computing to Speed Up String-Matching Algorithm” - UNIMAS Short Term Grant 2004

Recent Publications

·          2012:

:: M. N. Jambli, H. Lenando, K. Zen, S. M. Suhaili, and A. Tully, “The effects of transmission power control in mobile ad-hoc sensor networks,” Procedia Engineering, vol. 41, no. 0, pp. 1244 – 1252, 2012, International Symposium on Robotics and Intelligent Sensors 2012 (IRIS 2012).

:: M. N. Jambli, H. Lenando, K. Zen, S. M. Suhaili, and A. Tully, “Transmission power control in mobile wireless sensor networks: Simulation-based approach,” in Proc. of The IET International Conference on Wireless Communications and Applications (IET ICWCA 2012), 2012.

:: M. N. Jambli, H. Lenando, K. Zen, S. M. Suhaili, and A. Tully, “Simulation tools for mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks: A state-of-the-art survey,” in Proc. of The International Conference on Advanced Computer Science Applications and Technologies (ACSAT 2012), 2012.

::  S. M. Suhaili, M. N. Jambli, and A. R. Mat, “Application of Fuzzy Clustering Analysis to Compound Datasets for Drug Lead Identification”, in Proc. Of International   Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICCIS2012), IEEE Press., 2012.

::  A. R. Mat, M. A. Khairuddin, A. B. Masli, M. N. Jambli & E. Mit. (2012), “Applying SOFL to Construct Requirements Specification for Examination Monitoring System”, in Proc. of 3rd IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS2012), IEEE Press, 2012.


:: M. N. Jambli, A. Tully, K. Zen, H. Lenando, “Performance Evaluation of AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network”, in Proceeding of 7th International Conference on IT in Asia (CITA 2011), pg 123-128.

::  H. Lenando, K. Zen, M. N. Jambli, R. Thangaveloo, “Forming a Social Structure in Mobile Opportunistic Networks”, in Proceeding of 17th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC2011).

::  K. Zen, H. Lenando, M. N. Jambli, “Load Balancing based on Nodes Distribution in Mobile Sensor Network”, in Proceeding of 7th International Conference on IT in Asia (CITA 2011), pg 140-145.

::  S. M. Suhaili, M.N. Jambli, S. H. Huspi, “Evaluation of FCV and FCM clustering algorithms in cluster-based compound selection”, in Proceeding of 7th International Conference on IT in Asia (CITA 2011), pg 123-128.


::  Jambli, M. N., Tully, A., Selvarajah, K. et al. (2007). “A Cross-Layer Framework Design for the Embedded Middleware in Mobility Applications (EMMA) Project”, In Proceedings of the19th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS 2007), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 19-21, Zheng S. Q. (ed.), ACTA Press, pp 504-508.

:: Jambli, M.N. and Tully, A. (2007). “Cross-Layer Design for Information Dissemination In Wireless Sensor Networks: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges”, In 37th annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2007), 25-28 June, Edinburgh, UK, IEEE Computer Society, pp 13-18.

Consultancy Work

Will be updated soon.

Other Responsibilities

      :: Regional Manager of CISCO Program, UNIMAS, 2004

Postgraduate Advicees for:

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·          Will be updated soon.


Mohamad Nazim Jambli