Monday, 06 Apr 2020
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Research Overview





The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) has been very active in research since its establishment in 1993. To date, it had received more than RM20million in research and commercialization grants from both national and international sources. The core research areas of the faculty are centered on five research clusters that reflect common research interests and collaboration among faculty members:


      ::  Network Research Group: Affordable Ubiquitous Access (AUA)

      ::  Software Engineering Group: Software Engineering Workbench (SEW)

      ::  Knowledge Technology Group: Intelligent System Builder & Computational Modelling Workbench

      ::  Knowledge Technology Group: Language Technology

      ::  Knowledge Technology Group: Image Technology

      ::  Knowledge Technology Group: Knowledge Platform

      ::  Knowledge Technology Group: Knowledge Management Technology Platform

      ::  Social Informatics Group: Knowledge Management Enablers


In the effort to provide clear directions for potential research, the Faculty has drafted the Faculty R&D Roadmap 2012-2020. The booklet highlights both the proposed strategic focus as well as the core areas of our research which indirectly crafted the Faculty's Research profile.