Monday, 06 Apr 2020
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Knowledge Technology Group: Knowledge Management Technology Platform


This platform consists of enterprise level intelligent systems that are to be developed based on the earlier platforms, where the following are given not only as illustrations but also as systems that be used in many other applications:


:: Meaning-Based Search Engine

:: Data Syndicator (inc. Information Broker)

:: Data Mining Multiplexor

:: Document Categorisaton & Summarisation


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The Language Platform and the Knowledge Platformput together can be viewed as a tool for (semi-) automatically building knowledge bases – such as for ontologies, and its combinations with other knowledge representations. The Knowledge Management Technology (KMT) Platform, which sits above the Knowledge Platform is where one makes use of the knowledge base built (and its semantic query functions) to develop intelligent systems. 



In essence, the KMT platform is a set of modules to be chosen from and used as components in a targeted intelligent system, preferably in a plug-and-play mode. In other words, for a given targeted intelligent system, one has to basically design and develop the framework and then plug in the chosen modules. As such, these modules will have to be generic in nature, as they will be used in certain applications and then reused in others. Given their nature, there is no necessity to list them out, nor is there a minimum or a limit to their numbers.