Thursday, 02 Apr 2020
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Software Engineering Group: Software Engineering Workbench (SEW)


Developing a generic software/application development system for software architects and developers. This strategy will be delivered via three programmes, which can be seen within the roadmap spectrum:


:: Analysis & Design

:: Development

:: Testing & Delivery (including Maintenance)




The target is to work towards a Software Development Workbench based on specific methodologies in formal objects, in the hope that some level of abstraction can be obtained and thus contribute towards the formulation of the ultimate Workbench. This initiative comprises a group of projects that can be grouped under the following title: Formal-Object Tool (FOTool). 




Some of the projects within the group are fundamental in nature, while some are application based. The former may contribute directly to the formulation of the Workbench, while the latter may give further insight into some of the requirements for further research.