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Contact Info



Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology,

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,

94300 Kota Samarahan,

Sarawak, Malaysia.



Phone                :  +6082583712

Faks                   :  +6082583764

Room Location  :   2A, 2nd Floor, Block B.



Will be updated soon.


Will be updated soon.

Current Research Activities

·     ICTs for Marginalised communities, rural ICTs and development.

Preservation of ethnic minority languages: Development of multilingual corpora and application of language technologies.


Sarawak Language Technologies (SaLT) (Headed by Alvin Yeo, July 2006-Present). This initiative attempts to preserve Sarawak Ethnic Languages through the building of a multi-lingual corpora and the application of language technologies.

ICTs for Rural Development (ICT4RD): (2006-Present) (Headed by Professor Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid) (2006-Present): This top-down research project investigates the application of thin-clients and mini-hydro in the rural community, and studies the impact eBario has had on the community.

Recent Publications

·        :: Sarah, F.S.J., Suhaila, S., Suriati, K.J. 2008. An Overview of Localizing Abiword for Sarawak Ethnic Languages. BRC 9th Biennial International Conference 2008. (Kota Kinabalu, 29-31st July 08)

:: Suhaila, S., Edwin, M., Yeo, A.W. 2008. Development of Iban Corpus: Methodology Employed and Challenges Faced. BRC 9th Biennial International Conference 2008. (Kota Kinabalu, 29-31st July 08)
:: Yeo, A.W., Suhaila, S., Jenifer, W. 2008. Sarawak Language Technology (SaLT) Initiative: Preservation of Sarawak Ethnic Languages. BRC 9th Biennial International Conference 2008. (Kota Kinabalu, 29-31st July 08)
:: Suhaila, S., Claudia, G.C., Yeo, A.W. 2008. Iban Morphological Analyser: An Overview. Second  International MALINDO Workshop (MMU, Cyberjaya, 13-14 June 2008)
:: Johari, A., Nazri, K., Suhaila, S., Imran, B. Thin Client Technology for Rural ICT (eBario Case Study).
:: Suhaila, S., Yeo, A.W. 2007. Sarawak Ethnic Languages: Revitalisation and Maintenance. Regional Conference on Computational Science and Technologies (RCCST 2007). (Kota Kinabalu, 28-30 Dec 07).
:: Yeo, A.W., Johari, A., Suhaila, S., Khairuddin, A.H, Songan, P., 2007. ICTs in the Rural Communities: Engaging Remote Communities Towards A Knowledge-based Society. International Conference on Rural Library (Kuching, 11-13 July 07).

Consultancy Work

Consultancy Projects


Universal Service Provider (USP) Project. Appointed by Malaysian Commissioner and Multimedia Communication (MCMC). (May 2007-June 2007); Team member from May 2007; Conducted survey to measure the quality of USP Project.

Development of Services for Language Technologies. Appointed by MIMOS. (Mar 2006-Present): Team member from Sept 2006; Research and development of the Malaysian Corpus Processing Toolkit.

Consultancy Teaching

Teaching: Bridging the Digital Divide, Workshop Community Services and Knowledge Centre State-Level at Merdeka Palace, Kuching. Appointed by Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi (KTAK). (30 Oct – 2 Nov 2007)

Teaching: Database Concepts at Multimedia Diploma Programme at Kolej Latihan Telekom, Kuching. Appointed by UNIMAS. (18 September 2006 - 29 December 2006): Kolej Latihan Telekom is a UNIMAS collaboration partner in Multimedia Diploma Programme.

Other Responsibilities

       Academic Responsibilities

:: Teaching – preparing lectures, tutorials, laboratory practicals, marking

Postgraduate courses: Computational Linguistic

:: First Year Undergraduate Course: End User Computing, IT Tools for Knowledge Worker; Second Year: Database Concept; Third Year: Strategic Information Systems

:: Coordinating for End User Computing & IT Tools for Knowledge Worker to the whole faculties (comprises of eight faculties) in UNIMAS.

:: Conducted tutorials and laboratories for First Year Undergraduate Courses: End User Computing and IT Tools for Knowledge Worker

Notable Roles

:: Head of Publication Committee (2007): Fifith International Conference of IT in Asia (July 2007, Kuching)

:: Head of Publication Committee (2006): Symposium on ICTs for Rural Development (April 2006, Kuching)

:: Secretariat of Euro Malaysia 2005. (June 2005, Kuala Lumpur)

      Responsibilities at the National Level

Member of the Language Technology Cluster Research Group (1 June 2006 –Present)

University Responsibilities

Member of e-Bario Project: Application of ICTs to bridge the Digital Divide and to improve the lives of the rural community of Bario. (May 2006 – Present) &

Member of Centre of Excellence for Rural Informatics (CoERI). (February 2007 – Present)

Faculty Responsibilities

Member of the Knowledge Systems Research Group.


Postgraduate Advicees for:

Student Supervision

:: Master in Advanced IT, degree by coursework, research module equivalent to two courses

:: Yong Seng Iban Parser: Using small Iban Corpus in Machine Translation (On-going)

Undergraduate Final Year Projects :

2007/2008 (Individual Projects)

:: Iban e-Learning Courseware

:: Iban Morphological Generator

:: Iban Tagger by using Brill’s approach

:: Iban Morphological Analyzer using FSA technique

:: Virtual Human Anatomy e-Learning – Bidayuh Language

2006/2007 (Individual Projects)

:: e-Ticket Reservation for Star Ciniplex Kuching Integrated with Google Mash-Up

:: Iban Interactive Text Alignment Tool

:: Iban Morphological Analyzer

:: Iban e-Dictionary

:: Kayan Word Seach


:: e-Pembelajaran Jawi


·    MIMOS Berhad Scholarship, January 2001-July 2002

MARA Scholarship, 1998 - 2001


Suhaila Saee