Sunday, 26 Jan 2020
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Contact Info

Director of CoEIMAST


Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology,

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,

94300 Kota Samarahan,

Sarawak, Malaysia.



Phone                :  +6082583793

Faks                   :  +6082583764

Room Location  :   3C, 3rd Floor, Block B.



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·         :: PhD,Geographical Information Systems,Universiti Sains Malaysia,March 1997.

:: Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education, Major in Computer and Mathematics Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Current Research Activities

·         :: Image Finder : Content Based Image Retrieval System

::Transmission Dynamics of Plasmodium Falsiparum and P.Vivax in Lundu

Recent Publications

·         :: Bong Chin Wei and Wang Yin Chai (2004). An Intelligent GIS-based Spatial Zoning System with Multiobjective Hybrid Metaheuristic Method. The 17th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (IEA/AIE), Ottawa, Canada.


:: Lau Bee Theng and Wang Yin Chai (2004).  Structural Spatial Query Retrieval Model.  International Conference in Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, Penang, Malaysia.

Patrick Then Hang Hui and Wang Yin Chai (2003), Eliminating Dependence on Detection Formula Towards Generic Zero Knowledge Protocol for Blind Watermark Detection, International Workshop on Digital Watermark , Seoul,Korea.

:: Patrick Then Hang Hui and Wang Yin Chai (2003), Towards Generic Zero Knowledge Protocol For Blind Watermark Detection, 3rd Conference on Information Technology in Asia (CITA ’03) Kuching, Malaysia.

:: Chiew Kang Leng & Wang Yin Chai (2003), Shape Feature Representation for Content-based Image Retrieval, 3rd Conference on Information Technology in Asia (CITA'03). Kuching, Malaysia.

:: Wang Hui Hui, Narayanan K and Wang Yin Chai (2003). Performance and Analysis of the Spiral Representation Spatial Feature in Color-Spatial Image Retrieval System. IEEE TENCON 2003, Bangalore, India.

:: Siew Teck Kiong and Wang Yin Chai (2003). An Object-Oriented Approach For Transformation Of Spatial Data From Relational Database To  Object-Oriented Database.The 6th International Conference of Asean Digital Libraries (ICADL 03), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Consultancy Work


:: WAR Simulation-MINDEF Project (TIN Modelling) 1997

:: Sarawak State Integrated Coastal Zone Management System 1998-1999

:: Office Technology Certification Program Curriculum Design 1998

:: Sarawak State Human Resource Database System 1999-2001

:: A Pilot Study on Developing a GIS Based Oil Palm Plantation Management System - Phase 11999-2001

:: Design of Tree Replantation Managemet System Using GIS 2001 - present

:: Establishment of GIS Centre


:: NCC Education Services, UK 1999 – present Regional Moderator

:: Informatics - NCC Accreditation Program 2000 – present International Moderation Panel

Other Responsibilities

Faculty Level 

:: Computational Science Program Study Board,1996-97(Member)

:: Information System Program Study Board,1996-97(Member)

:: Teaching and Learning Facilities Committee ,1996-97 (Member)

:: Information System Program Study Board,1997-98 (Head of Program)

:: Software Engineering Program Study Board,1997-98 (Head of Program)

:: Computational Science Program Study Board,1997-98 (Member)

:: Postgraduate Study Committee,1997-2000 (Member)

:: Software Engineering Program ,1999 - 2000 (Program Coordinator)

:: PKPG Program ,1997 - presen (Coordinator)

:: Master of IT Program Management Committee,2000 - present (Coordinator)

:: 2000 - present (Deputy Dean - Development)

:: Jawatankuasa Teknikal Penilaian Tender 2002 - present (Pengerusi) 

University Level

:: Jawatankuasa Sistem Ganjaran Universiti 1997 - 98 (Member)

:: Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Kurikulum Kursus Pelengkap Ketenteraan 1997 - 98 (Member)

:: Jawatankuasa Pengubalan Kurikulum Program Master of Spatial Information Technology 1997 (Member)

:: Virtual Reality Lab Management Committee 2001 - present (Member)

:: Expert Panel For Technology and Engineering (Panel)

:: Ahli Jawatankuasa Pascasiswazah IDEA 2002 - 2004

Examination of Student theses :

:: Bong Chih How  - Master of Science in Information Technology "A Machine Learning Framework For Automated Text Categorization"

Completed-Master Students

:: GIS based Rainfall distribution modelling using Raingauge data 1997-1998

:: Map matching algorithms to enhance the positional accuracy for car navigator system 1998-2000

:: Integrated Compactness Measurement Indexing for Redistricting Algorithms Using Multicriteria Decision Support System 1999-2001

:: A Hybrid 2D Phase Unwrapping Methodology Using Spatial Fuzzy Clustering and Neurofuzzy Classification with application in SAR Images,1999-2001

:: Extracting Cadastral Object From Scanned Cadastral Map Using Improved Hough Transform and Fuzzy Expert System,2000 – 2002


:: Advanced Teaching and Training Methods For GIS Applications CICHE Links,British Council

:: Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2000 ,UNIMAS


Wang Yin Chai