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6TH Asia Pacific Marketing and Management Conference

6TH Asia Pacific Marketing and Management Conference   Asia Pacific Marketing Conference 2005 (APMC2005) was…

Lawatan rasmi delegasi MBA University of Moratuwa ke UNIMAS

Greetings to all fellow academic and administrative members, All are welcome to join the Programme…

Majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri UNIMAS 2015/1436H

Saksikanlah kemeriahan Majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri di Universiti Malaysia Sarawak secara lansung di laman youtube

Cociaf 2015

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and in collaboration with the Securities…


Best Wishes of a happy and a blessed Ramadan .. May God accept all of our…

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

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Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
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A student shall not plagiarize any ideas, writing, data or other people’s creation. For the purposes of this rule, plagiarism includes:

  • The act of taking an idea, writing, data or creation of others and claiming that the idea, writing, data is theirs; or
  • An attempt to promote or an act of showing off in any way, that he or she is the original source or creator of an idea, writing, data, or invention which is actually taken from other sources.

Without affecting the generality of subrule, a student plagiarizes when he/she:

  • Publishes, with oneself as the author of an abstract, scientific or academic papers, or books which are holistically or partly written by others;
  • Incorporates oneself or allows oneself to be made a co-author of an abstract, article, scientific or academic paper or book, when one has not made any written contribution to the abstract, article, scientific or academic paper or book;
  • Forces another person to include one’s name in the list of researchers for a specific research project or as a co-author when one did not make any contribution which may qualify him or her as a researcher or co-author;
  • Cites data that is the result of academic research carried out by some other person; such as laboratory findings or results of field work, whether published or not, and combining the data as part of own academic research without giving due acknowledgment to the original source;
  • Uses research data obtained through collaboration with several other people, regardless the person is a staff or a University student as part of a different academic research; or for publishing using one’s own name as a sole author, without obtaining consent from one’s fellow researchers before starting one’s personal research or before publishing the data;
  • Copies an idea or invention that is stored in any form, whether written, printed or made available in electronic form, or in the form of slides, or in any forms of teaching or research instruments, or in any other forms, and declares directly or indirectly that he or she is the creator of those ideas;
  • Translates the writing or creation of another person from one language to another whether in whole or in part, and then submits the translation in any form or manner as one’s own writing or creation;
  • Cites ideas from other’s writing or creations and make some modifications without reference to the original sources, and restructures it in such manner as if one is the creator of such ideas




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